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How to Create and Use a Reference Infotype?

The following are the steps to creation of Reference Infotype and how to use the created reference infotype.

1)      In order to create Infotype Reference, first we need to go to PM01 transaction.
a)      Give a number that starts with 9 as shown above( i.e. the range between 9000-9999 because if the infotype does not

         meet the business requirement then we go for  this custom infotype )

b)      Select 'Both' Option (as per your requirement) and then click on 'PS structure'.

c)      Finally click on 'All' or 'Generate Object' button.

d)      It will give a pop-up box as shown below.

e)      It will take you to the 'Dictionary: Maintain structure'. There mention the fields per your requirement.

         For example consider the following fields as shown below.

f)      Once completion of creating the fields, click on back button. It will automatically take you to the 'Infotype

         attributes' window. There select any Infotype and then click on 'copy as' button as shown below.


g)      Mention your own infotype number and description in the respective field and then press 'Enter'.

h)      It will automatically take you to the 'Infotype Attributes' window. Then click on 'Save' and 'Back' Button.

i)      You will again back to the PM01 main window. In the Menu bar go to Infotype menu and select 'Generate dialog module'. It will automatically create all the module pool programs.

j)      If you want to check the module pool programs then select 'Module pool'

Radio button and click on 'Edit' button as shown below.


k)      There you can change the program as per your requirement and activate it.

Similarly do for all the options available in the PM01 transaction.

l)      For 'Screen' option the screen numbers are 2000 and 3000.

m)    You can change your layout editor as per your requirement by selecting the 'Screen' option and give 2000 and then

       click on 'Edit' button as shown below.

n)      It will take you to the Screen painter initial screen and from there select 'Layout   Editor' option.

o)      This will complete the creation of Reference Infotype number and ready to use.

2)      If you want to check the created infotype number then go to transaction PA30 and give your created Infotype number

         and a personnel number as shown below.

a)      Give any personnel number and infotype number as shown above and click on 'Create Entries' button.

b)      Finally we see the created infotype number fields as per the requirement.

c)      Once enter the entries 'SAVE' it.

d)      All the data gets stored into PA9222 table. There we can find the entries we created as shown below.


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