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The main intention during the design of the PDF form has been to keep the expense form as simple as possible. Hence certain information is just displayed on the form only if it is relevant. This is particularly the case with the trip itinerary: you will only find it on the form if there is an itinerary, i.e. if additional destination have been entered. Trip start and end-date, border crossing etc. are part of the general data.

How to add additional fields if required to the standard PDF expense form.

The only way around this is to build the reason and destination into a custom form via the trip builder.

Please use the PDF form builder in this case (transaction SFP or navigate via the IMG: Financial accounting > Travel Expense > Dialog and Expense Control > Forms >PDF based forms).
Firstly ensure to copy the standard expense form PTRV_EXPENSE_FORM (expenses) or FITP_REQUEST_FORM (request), then you can modify the layout of your Z-form to include such fields which are available in the form context, e.g. node i_general_data, fields "customer" and "location".

Standard PDF forms for Travel Management:

  • PTRV_EES_FORM (express expense sheet in the Web Dynpro ABAP user interface)

Other options are also possible to include your own company logo rather than the standard IDES logo supplied.

Please see the wiki page Communication Infotypes in PDF Trip Expense Form for more information on specifically adding communication infotypes.

IBAN/SWIFT code not displayed in PDF.

As mentioned in the note 1771597, the standard form does not display by default IBAN or SWIFT code in the PDF output, so please refer to this note for manual steps required in order to then add the field to your custom form as mentioned in section 2.

Translation of labels etc in PDF.

If you wish to change the translation of a particular label or field, then this can be changed easily to whichever text you prefer as this is stored in the online repository and can be changed as follows:

- Transaction SFP, Form name: PTRV_EXPENSE_FORM
- 'Display', then select Menu > Go To > Translation
- Enter:   Original language    DE
              Target language      XX (e.g. EN)
- Expand tree, double click on PTRV_EXPENSE_FORM and change as required.

Make sure that after updating the translation, that the following steps have also been done:

These points are also outlined in note 579365 and 448220

- set the system context
- refresh OTR buffer using transaction /$otr

( You can also maintain alternate languages very simply in the transaction SE38 by displaying the text elements and via the menu for Translation and some of the programs/includes for this are: SAPLPTRA_WEB_MAIN or SAPLPTRA_UTIL_TRIPS but all of the texts are available by searching in the online repository )

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