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Formal request by the manager to the recruiter to find potential candidates for one or more vacant positions. The requisition is an internal document determining the positions for which candidates are to be sought, the requirements which candidates must fulfill, and how the candidate search will be performed.

Support Team

The support team is the group of persons involved in processing a requisition, application.

Organizational Unit

Organizational object (object key O) used to form the basis of an organizational plan. Organizational units are functional units in an enterprise. According to how tasks are divided up within an enterprise, these can be departments, groups or project teams, for example.


Application of SAP E-Recruiting that provides the user with an up-to-date, customized overview of the topics relevant to the user and at the same time provides the necessary functions for processing.


Positions are the individual employee assignments or placements within a company. Positions are defined as the designations held by the staff members occupying those positions.


A vacancy is officially announced using a posting. The posting
contains the information about the position that internal and/or
external applicants need.


A publication defines a posting channel and all attributes that are assigned to this posting channel.

Application Groups

An application group is a special type of (generic) requisition that collects applications for a specific purpose.

Management of Applications

This process contains the receipt of applications from various channels and the steps that are then to be taken for these applications.

Process Template

A process template is a reusable collection of activity types that represent the flow of a recruitment process. The process template is maintained individually in the system and can be used for various requisitions.

Applicant Tracking

This process is used to map the entire recruiting process for candidates, to store the individual process steps and create activities for assignment of a candidate to a requisition or application group.


A questionnaire is a set of questions that can be completed by a person (for example, candidate, recruiter) during the applicant tracking process.


An application is a person's declaration of interest in entering a work relationship or in a change to an existing work relationship.


An assignment is the link between a candidate and a requisition.


e-Recruiting supports object based applications. The standard objects used are candidacy, posting, requisition and application.


An infotype is a collection of logical and/or business-related characteristics of an object, for e.g. work experience infotype groups together the candidate's previous employment data including job type, industry, duration, work contract type etc.


Person who has registered in the Talent Warehouse and stored his or her data there. A candidate is usually interested in accepting a work relationship.


Assignment between a Requisition and a Candidate.

Container Sequence

Used to bundle together application pages that share the same content.

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