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Firstly you have the option to defined different behaviours depending the where the Tam Calendar is shown: In BAdI "HCMFAB_B_TEAMCALENDAR_SETTINGS" In get_views, the parameter which is going to get exported is et_views, which associated type is HCMFAB_T_TCAL_VIEW, where the component VIEW_TYPE is going to specify the kind of view in the My Team Calendar App, this value can be: V = OADP-View / S = Selection ID / O = Others / C = Custom (created via personalization).

The standard BADI implementation returns ' ' (space).


When space is maintained the system uses the HCMFAB_B_COMMON (the details of the code of your attachment corresponds to the standard implementation of this BADI)


Therefore you can either modify the standard implementation of the HCMFAB_B_COMMON badi if you want to modify the evaluations path to be used within all applications or in case you just want to change it for an specific app you can implement BADI HCMFAB_B_TEAMCALENDAR_SETTINGS


You can find further information in the BADI technical information as shown in note 2557397 - Team Calendar not showing OADP rules

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