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How to Debug In RPTIME00

Here you can find some keys to debugg the SAP Code into the RPTIME00  report and check what is happening in the calculation 


Here you can find some checks and tips that can help you to  debugg the basics funtionalities of the RPTIME00. This are like the Retro Calculation, Quota Calculation...
where you can set the "break point" and the important tables where you have to look for the  results.

Here are some interesting links for general debugging:

How to debug the Retro calculation update into the RPTIME00 execution:

Into the Employee Master data, If time Infotypes such as absences or attendances are recorded for a past Time Evaluation period that has already been accounted, time evaluation can set a retroactive accounting. Also any change that impact into the employee time evaluations cluster B1. This document can help you to know how it is calculated by the RPTIME00 report and look for the explanation of the system behaviour. 

Break Point at:

In the FORM routine SET_PAYROLL_RECALCULATION, which is contained in, include PTMH000_SET_PAYROLL_RECALCULA, RPTIME00 does a comparison between the
newly created ZL table and the RZL table that was created during the previous RPTIME00 run.

So set the break point here. 


If there is a difference between the ZL and RZL, then the P0003-RRDAT field is set - otherwise, it remains blank if no changes were done and thus no retro calculation needs to be performed.

Keep an eye in the ZL values into the Cluster B2 to compare what you are able to see when you debug. 

Program RPTIME00 calculates time Wage types in table ZL and stores them in cluster B2. The Wage types that  are stored in cluster B2 and are for the relevant period can be checked with program RPCLSTB2.

Check the ZL resultsinto the cluster B2:

Please also note that when you do a forced recalculation in RPTIME00, it does not mandatorily set the "Earliest MD Change" date

Field Documentation: 

How to debug the Quota generation in RPTIME00

In the function module: HR_QTACC_QUOTAS_GENERATE, the RPTIME00 calculate the Quotas taking into account the customizing. 

Break Point at:


It is called in function QUOTA of RPTIME00 with the CALL STACK:

Here the system is looking for the customizing of the T559L table with the values that appear into the fields: 





So to calculate the Quotas the key is the correct customizing in T559L table. 

How to debug the IT2006 update from the RPTIME00.

The function module:  HR_DETERMINE_ACTIVE_PERIOD into the  FORM update_i2006 start te calculation for the IT2006 update.

Break Point at:


It is called in function QUOTA of RPTIME00 with the CALL STACK:

The system check if employee is active within the validity interval the values of the PA0001 and fields BEGDA and ENDDA.




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