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You may get a few types of errors when trying to use the FPS, EPS and EYU E-Filing solutions. This Wiki page provides details on what you can do to:

  • gain more information about the errors to help you with resolving them
  • speed up resolution time in case you open an Incident with SAP Product Support by providing the necessary information and accesses

If you have an issue with these reports before you try using E-Filing, check the following Wiki page: FPS, EPS, EYU reports - checking errors

1) What can I check in case I get an error in the B2A Manager?


In case you get an error such as a Business Error/ Fatal Error/ Error in Communication in the B2A Manager after submitting FPS, EPS or EYU data to HMRC:

A) Make sure your PI configuration is up-to-date and you have the latest E-Filing documents


Check your PI config against the latest Guides attached to the below Note:

For 2015: 2095195 - PY-GB: RTI Legal Changes for Tax Year 2015/2016

For 2016: 2242872 - PY-GB: RTI Legal Changes for Tax Year 2016/2017

For 20172363765 - PY-GB RTI Legal Changes for Tax Year 2017/2018

For 20182539175 - PY-GB RTI Legal Changes for Tax Year 2018/2019

For 20192701372 - PY-GB: RTI Legal Changes for Tax Year 2019/2020

For 2020: 2836306 - PY-GB: RTI Legal Changes for Tax Year 2020/2021


You may also find updated versions of E-Filing config guides and other useful documents on the SAP Service Marketplace.


B) Check the below list of common issues


You might be able to handle the error as per solutions proposed in the below Notes:

  • 2286937 - PY-GB: New patch for customers on PI version 7.0 implementing e-Filing for GB (only relevant for customers using PI 7.0 on SAP HR 604 after applying the 2016-17 legal changes)
  • 2033010 - FPS Submission fails with FATAL ERROR 1001
  • 2020605 - FPS submission error The '' element is invalid
  • 2122486 - Credentials error - "No credentials found for tax ref &1/&2; maintain the appropriate IMG step"
  • 1852272 - Business Error in Employer Payment Submission Report (EPS) with No Declaration Data
  • 2046466 - Performance Issue With PB2A_RTI Transaction
  • 1946453 - During statutory reporting efiling (RTI) B2A Manager reports message “Poll Limit Exceeded” for the submission item
  • 1698235 - Old Tax Codes downloaded on running of transaction RPUEFI_START_POLL (Efiling Incoming)
  • 2012035 - System failure HTTP client code 407 reason ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR.
  • 1386889 - SSL Server Endpoint Identification by SubjectAltName


2) How do I get more information about the error?

A) In the B2A Manager

If the Substatus is "Business error" or a "Fatal error":

Highlight the record in the B2A Manager and click on ‘Display’                        



Locate the error in the XML (usually at the bottom of it)

If the Substatus is "Communication error" or "Re-send after error":

Click on the Log icon in the B2A Manager:



If needed, expand the folders to see what the error is:




B) In sxmb_moni of your ECC and PI systems


  1. Execute function ‘Monitor for Processed XML Messages’

  2. Set the ‘Date/Time’ – and other parameters’, if known – values and hit ‘Execute’ to look up XML message

  3. Highlight  the relevant record and click on display

  4. Double click on the ‘Response MSG ID’ on the left side and click on ‘Display’
  5. Locate the error (usually at the bottom)


3) What if I'm having PI/XI issues?

In case you are having issues with the PI system itself, please visit the Process Orchestration - Process Integration - Exchange Infrastructure Wiki. You will be able to browse through PI/XI-related information/ troubleshooting at the below site:

4) Preparation for opening an Incident with SAP


For faster a resolution time, make sure you provide the below when opening an incident.

There’s a good chance that these are going to be required for the investigation.

A) Connections

  1. Open an R/3 connection to your application system
  2. Open a WTS connection to your PI system from which the backend and frontend are both accessible
  3. Confirm the system IDs and clients of the application system and PI system respectively
  4. Make sure the logon details are maintained in the Secure Area as per note 508140.


B) Test data

  1. Provide the report name or transaction
  2. Provide a variant with which the issue can be reproduced. 
  3. If there is an issue with EYU, also attach the excel sheet you’re trying to submit to the Incident

C) Access

Make sure that at least the below transactions are accessible by the user provided for the connection:

Application system:

  1. PB2A_RTI
  2. PA20
  3. SE38
  5. If you have provided a transaction for testing, access to that transaction
  7. SM59
  10. PE03
  11. SM31
  12. SNOTE

PI system:

  2. SM59
  4. SXMB_IFR (make sure the ‘Integration Repository’ and ‘Integration Directory’ are accessible)



CIS-related issues

Please note that CIS is under the jurisdiction of the FI-AP-AP-Q1 component (Withholding Tax (Reporting)) and not PY-GB. Please take this information into account when looking for related information or submitting Customer Incidents. 
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