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This guide presents a step by step instruction on how you can start contributing on the ERP Human Capital Management WIKI Space.


A WIKI is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser which are used collaboratively by multiple users. It promotes knowledge exchange in a way that users can produce and consume knowledge at the same time.

In this document, you will see how the HCM WIKI is organized, how you can create your WIKI pages with the SAP structure and how to request help from the moderators.

The information presented will give you the skills to not only create new WIKI, but if you find very good already existing content, you have the opportunity to make it even better. Don't copy and paste it, enhance it!

1. HCM WIKI Structure

The ERP HCM Wiki Space is organized hierarchically and it has four major sections presented on item 2.1. Each of these sections, have subsections which will be presented on item 2.2.

1.1. Sections

We have covered how it's the major structure of the WIKI, now let's cover how each of these spaces are organized.

1.2. Subsections

Each section is organized mostly in four subsections. You have to understand the purpose of these sections so that you can write your WIKI on the proper section. The subsections are:

  • Getting Started - contains basic information for people starting on the area. Starting guide and basic explanations of the area are common topics covered on this subsection.
  • FAQ - this is one of the most interesting and the most with added value. In this subsection you will find mostly Known Issues, Common Questions, Q&A and Tips and Tricks.
  • Notes - the most important notes on are presented on this area.
  • Transactions and Reports - the most important transactions and reports are presented on this area.

Now that we have covered our WIKI structure, we can move forward to create the first WIKI.

2. Creating your First WIKI

In order for you to start contributing with your knowledge, you should follow the 5 steps process below:
 0.  Login to the SDN - you must be logged in to create a WIKI page.

  1. Navigate to the Subsection - WIKI pages have parent pages to maintain its organization. In this step, you should navigate to the proper subsection which will be the parent page of the WIKI page you are about to create.
  2. Create your WIKI - this is where it all starts. When you are on the proper subsection, on the right upper corner, click on Add -> Page. 
  3. Select the Template - our WIKI has a defined structure. It is also true about the structure of the WIKI page. On this step, you should click on "Select a page template to start from." and select the template WIKI - Structure and Formatting Guide.
  4. Write and Save - this is when you start your contribution with your knowledge. After you have written the content using the templates, save your page and copy its URL.
  5. Request for Moderation - now that your WIKI page is done, you should request your moderator to have a look, to review and to assign points to you. Please email the Tiny Url and title of your page to any of the HCM Moderators, that we will get back to you with the review.

After the moderation is done, you are entitled to do the next step:

  • Create a Reference - you have your page created, but it's not being referenced on any parent page. In order to do so, go to the parent page. Then, edit this page and add a link to it. How?
    • Write the title of your page.
    • Click on WIKI Markup
    • Wrap the title of your WIKI with the following tags: [WIKI title|URL]
    • Save

These are the exact steps to create a page on the proper section based on SAP standards using templates, and how to have a reference to your so that other members of the SDN can have the benefit from it. For more information on what's a WIKI page and SDN functionalities, please review: "What is a WIKI".

3. Requesting Feedback for Moderators

You have seen how you can share your knowledge on the SAP Community Network. If you are having troubles to create your page, if you would like to receive feedback, or need help from a Moderator you can get in touch with the ERP HCM WIKI Moderators:

  • Maurício Ghem
  • Horst Valentin

For the complete list of moderators, please check the Related Documents section.

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