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New to ESS Webdynpro ABAP ? 

Here is an overview of the new terminology and concepts used in Webdynpro ABAP based on my own understanding

Webdynpro Component – the components of the WDA application – containing the views and windows
Webdynpro Application – the executable WDA application which runs using the WDA component and OVP
Application Configuration Component AppCC – Loads the appropriate UIBB at runtime - can configure this to hide/show or replace UIBB depending on certain keys
Feeder Class – provides UIBBs with header, action buttons and data sharing capabilities
OVP – The Roadmap based on content areas – handles the Overview view to Detail view roadmap steps
UIBB – UI Building block templates used to display infotype/subtype fields
Form UIBB – a UIBB with interactive form fields – example: ESS Detail
List UIBB -  a UIBB that displays a list of fields -- example: ESS Overview

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