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There may be various options to use ESS with Multiple Employment (ME) depending on SAP release

ESS services where the data is the same across all contracts may be viewed by one contract assigned to an ESS user in infotype 0105 - much in the same way as single employment - usually the primary contract should be assigned to avoid any potential issues - this approach may not require CE to be switched on either

The restrictions occur when you want to view different data linked to another contract using the current contract assigned to ESS user via 0105 - one possibility might be to switch PERNRs via the standard CE ESS pop-up but this option is not guaranteed for ME and requires the CE and CE ESS solution to be activated and CE and CE ESS configuration and data to be maintained - the only alternative where the customer does not want CE implemented or finds issues is to have multiple ESS users - one for each contract to view data specific to each contract

Another well known issue is when ME payroll data is required in the ESS scenario - for example in the case of the ME aggregated payslip - there are no guarantees this will work as standard

Customer should also be aware that an ME based ESS solution was delivered on ITS 620 platform as per note 956406 but there is not guaranteed support for Enterprise 47 products anymore and use of ITS 620 based services with ERP 6.0 or higher is not guaranteed by SAP either however customers may be able to migrate or integrate this themselves for use with ERP 6.0 or use this as a basis for a custom SAP application or use the product outwith support

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  1. Unknown User (1009h9fzf)

    Hi Stuart, this WIKI gives us hope for using ME in ESS.  I am from a public sector higher education instituition we use ME (ie not CE - although I know that parts of CE are used in ME).  We currently an EHP4 system and portal and we have activated the HCM_ESS_CE business function.  However we do not appear to be able to get the pop-up so that users can select their relevant pernr.

    Is there a way of doing this without swtiching on the Full CE solution?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

  2. Former Member

    Hi Claire

    It makes sense to me that because ME can be standalone - the ESS solution should be too

    My current reading of the documentation is that because the ESS solution was originally built on CE - note 1084836 or ME use was built on top of that - requiring CE

    To my knowledge there is no SAP AGS supported solution for ME ESS without CE - other than the possibilities mentioned in the above Wiki

    Also its possible the traditional view is that ME requires no switch just a method to see aggregated payroll results therefore the need for a switch implies CE -  I guess this depends on the ME scenario though

    I cannot rule out any technical possibilities for ME ESS without CE but these would be Consulting or Custom Development  - some suggestions if testing this

    1) Please also ensure you have relevant notes like 1366878

    2) Ensure object CP is created - this is done by creating a relationship in IT 0031

    3) Also maintain IT 0121 with first or highest paying post and ensure this is the contract linked to ESS user via IT 0105

    Also a common workaround would be to give the user 2 ESS users - 1 ESS user for each contract - for example in the ME scenario where data might be

    different across 2 PERNRs for various ESS services

    If you wanted ME ESS without CE in EHP3 or higher - Webdynpro JAVA I would recommend visiting to pursue this enquiry further

    Also worth exploring new ESS versions like 1.5 for up and coming functionality

    Best wishes