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The NIC Refund field in the EYU spread sheet template has 2 options to choose from: 'Yes', or No'.


However, is not a mandatory field - it is not a must to select either 'Yes' or 'No'. It can also be left blank. This is important as this field is only to be used when the value in the Employee’s NI contributions field is negative. If this value is negative, the NIC Refund field can then be used to indicate whether the amount has been refunded or not.

If the amount in the Employee’s NI contributions field is NOT negative and 'Yes' or 'No' is selected under NIC Refund, the below error will be returned by the Government Gateway and the file will be rejected.


B2A manager: Business error


Error returned by the Government Gateway:



As the error indicates, there is no need to report whether the value has been refunded or not if the value is NOT negative and therefore the NIC Refund field needs to be left blank, in that case.


HMRC Guidance about the field:

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