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Here you find the new functionalities in EhP5 (EhP4 SP4 is a downport of the EhP5 functionalities).

TRM activities

You can now create TRM activities (activities assigned to object type NA - candidate) in the candidate search by pressing button "Activities". There only this activities should be displayed and no application or candidacy activities. Furthermore, mass processing is also possible here.


My New Applications

Newly applications shown. They should disappear from the list if:

  • an activitiy assigned of another process is created
  • the application is changed to a status other than "in process"
  • "remove from selection" is chosen (sets the 'read' flag - see therefore table T77RCF_WC_OBJECT)

If the candidacy is forwarded to another requisition the switch should be set to unread and you should see the new application if you are also in the support team of the new requisition.

My New Team Applications

same as "My New Applications"

My Planned Activities

All planned activities for which you are the creator or processor BUT not of the category "Simple Correspondence"

My Planned Correspondence Activities

All planned correspondence activities for which you are the creator or processor. You have here the column which displays "Email possible" and "Print possible" depending on what is possible.

New Registered Candidates

By default the candidates who have registered in the last 7 days are displayed. If you want to see more or less you can set the values in "show quick criteria maintenance".

Talent Groups

All talent groups where you are in the support team. You can there do following in single or mass processing mode:

  • search for canddiates
  • create/process TRM activities
  • delete/delimit assigments
  • rank candidates by questionnaire

You can define different actions for the talent group assignment screen in IMG (SAP E-Recruiting -> Technical Settings -> User Interfaces -> Administrator and Recruiter -> Settings for Talent Group Assignments -> Define Pushbuttons for Fast Access to TRM activities).

My Planned TRM Activities

Same as My Planned Activities only for TRM activities (assigned to object type NA)

Requisition Maintenance

Approval Scenario

Restricted recruiters must forward their requisition for approval. So they create the requisition, press button "release" and you get a popup to maintain the reason and choose the approval selection:

  • automatic (lead recruiter of the requisition) or
  • manual (team members are selectable)

After sending the requisition to the approver you can check in the print preview -> status history area that a column called 'Pending Approval' is shown and contains 'Yes' for requisitions wiating for approval. Also the 'Release' button must be frozen until the status is approved or rejected.

After sending the request, the recruiter gets a workitem in UWL. If you

  • approve it: the status of the requisition must become "released" -> the status history in the print preview must be updated
  • reject it: the status is still in "draft" but the "release" button is active again -> also the status history must be updated

Status History

As mentioned before in the print preview you can see the status of the requisition and also of the approval.  With button "change status reason" you are also now allowed to change the reason although a requisition is already released.

Publish Job Postings

If parameter RECFA PBLSH in table T77S0 is maintained as 'X', the job postings are all created in status "draf" before you manually can publish them. You see a column "publish" and if you click on the symbol in a line you'll publish this particular posting.

Default Qualifications

The qualifications stored at the job/position assigned will automatically be taken over to the qualifications area in the "job requirements" section. You can delete then this qualifications which are not suitable BUT if you change the job/position in the "general job information" this doesn't update the "job requirements" section too. So once added, they are still there (also for the first added job/position). Also if the qualfications assignement changes for the job/position, this is not updated in E-Recruiting.


Search for Candidate in Requisition context

When an attribute search for candidates in requisition context ("candidate search" button in requisition maintenance or assignment screen) is performed than the 'Match' column should show how well the candidates match against the specified search criteria. This ranking is calculated by TREX and ithe values are shown in the column according to this table:0,00 - 0,49 = blank

0,50 - 20,49 =  *

20,50 - 40,49 = **

40,50 - 60,49 = ***

60,50 - 80,49 = ****

80,50 - 100,00 = *****

Search for Candidate in Talent Group context

Candidates that are already assigned to the talent group should not be displayed in the hitlist. You can assign them then to

  • this talent group,
  • another talent group or
  • a requisition.

Search for Candidate by Profile & Attachment Data

Go to the "candidate search" service (TRM search) and you will find candidates with released profiles and attachments.

Candidate Selection

Ranking Based on Questionnaires

In the assignment screen you can choose "ranking by" and you will see there all filled questionnaires listed. If you choose a questionnaire, the result will be shown in the list as icon and if you click on it the questionnaire filled will be shown. Under the link "settings" you can add the columns 'Total Score' and 'Percentage Rate' (if you added them in table T77RCF_CDCYLST for your process).
The questionnaire title is language depent, so if the title is maintained in your logon language, it will be shown in that, otherwise in the fallback-language along the language vector.  If you select again default entry 'Select Questionnaire' all data will be reset.

Ranking by Requisition Criteria

This is the default ranking method in the assignment list if no reference search query exists for this requisition.

Ranking by Reference Search Query

In the search screen you can click "save as search query", there you get a popup in which you type in the name of the search query and where you can decide if this should be a reference search query or not. If you have such a reference serach query assigned to the requisition, than it is shown in the dropdown of "rinking method" with the term 'Reference' in brackets as default.

Ranking by Private Search Query

The column values in the list must be updated whenever you choose another query or requisition criteria.

Filter functionality

In the assignment list click on the above link 'show filter criteria', there you can select activities to show only candidates for which this activity is created. 

Confirmation Activity

Overall Confirmation Activity

You can create this activity with or without a reference activity. If you have one assigned, you get a link to preview it in PDF. The status is set to "completed" after a confirmation result is selected and the activity is saved. In this status the section for the "individual confirmation" should be frozen and the activity should be only shown in display mode.

Individual Confirmation Activity

You can add a processor of the individual confirmation by:

  • selecting a personnel number or
  • a support team member (nor available in TRM context)

Then this request is shown in the table and you can display, edit and delete it. If you click on button "request confirmation" an email is sent to the processor to fill out the confirmation.

Employee Referral via Personnel Number

You have the possibility to enter the personnel number in the tab "application data" in the candidate profile.

New XI Hire Interface

Following is now done via XI:

  • collect and send all education history details of a candidate to the HR system
  • collect and send all qualification details of a candidate to the HR system
  • collect and send all work experience details of a candidate to the HR system
  • works also when using concurrent employment
  • when the candidate is hired on HR, it will send a confirmation message to E-Recruiting containing the new personnel ID of the candidate

Candidate Scenarios

When a registered candidate checks his/her applications where he/she was not selected on a recruitment process, they shall see "not selected" instead of "rejected".

Adjust Support Teams

The Recruiting Administrator can adjust the support team of a requisition/application group/talent group to add and delete a single member or  a support group.

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