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With EhP5 it will be also possible to call the recruiter and administrator portal role from EhP4 also without the portal. In this case you have to use the Business Client (see Testsystem-Tab for more information) and following roles assigned:

Role                                                Name PFCG Role
Recruiter                                         SAP_RCF_RECRUITER_ERC_CI_4
Recruiting Administrator                 SAP_RCF_REC_ADMIN_ERC_CI_4
Manager Self Service                     SAP_MANAGER_MSS_NWBC
Employee Self Service                    SAP_EMPLOYEE_ESS_WDA
Recruiter NWBC                              SAP_RCF_RECRUITER_SR_ERC_CI_4
Recruiting Administrator NWBC      SAP_RCF_REC_ADMIN_SR_ERC_CI_4
HR Administrator (New Hire)          SAP_ASR_HRADMIN_SR_HCM_CI_3  

The other new functionalities can be found below:


E-Mail Verification Process

If an unregistered candidate registers or applies for a job a secure e-mail verification procedure should be granted for each external candidate. So after you press button 'register' or want to submit an application, you will be informed that your e-mail has to be verified. In this case you get a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address to maintained before. You have to click on that link an confirm your e-mail address there. Then you can follow-up with your process.

 You have to activate the verification process in system table (T77S0) with parameter RECFA VERIF set to X and also activate the corresponding services in SICF:

  • default_host/sap/bc/erecruiting/verification
  • default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hrrcf_a_candidate_verification
  • default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hrrcf_a_new_verif_mail
  • default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hrrcf_a_draft_applications
  • default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hrrcf_a_unverified_cand

How to set these services is described in the documentation of the IMG step 

SAP E-Recruiting -> Technical Settings -> User Interfaces -> Candidate -> Front-End Candidate


The workflows were also adopted to cover these new functionality. So the existing workflow WS51900008  was changed so that if BF4 is active and RECFA VERIF is set to 'X' (in T77S0) the verification mail is sent instead of the confirmation mail. Furthermore, we have here now also a new workflow WS51900018 which covers the situation that candidates need to request a new verification mail - so this template is similar to the 'assign new password' workflow WS51900003

Next the periodic service HANDLE_UNVERIFIED_CANDIDATES has to be activated in T77RCF_PS_SERACT and adjusted.

The settings of this process can be found in IMG -> Technical Settings -> Periodic Services -> Determine Rules for Periodic Services:



Validity period (in days) for the confirmation link



Day(s) after that a reminder e-mail is sent to the candidate that his/her e-mail has to be confirmed (0 means that no reminder is sent)



how often a candidate can request a new confirmation e-mail



handles if a candidate can request a new confirmation e-mail although the validity period of the last confirmation link which was sent to customer is already over (value ' ' means that no new request is possible)

One special case: If the VALIDITY_PERIOD and REMINDER are both 1, a reminder is sent the next day. Although the validity period is only 1 day the setting of the reminder leads to the fact that the link is valid again 1 day.

The reminder job is done after midnight, the 'normal' confirmation is processed whenenver the periodical job run.
 Activities and Correspondence:

Following new activities were added with the corresponding standard smartforms:

  • 1000 E-Mail Confirmation (Registration) -> HRRCF_CS_IT_EXA_VERIF_REG
  • 1001 E-Mail Confirmation (Application) -> HRRCF_CS_IT_EXA_VERIF_APPL
  • 1005 Reminder: E-Mail Confirmation (Registration) -> HRRCF_CS_IT_EXA_VERIF_REM_REG
  • 1006 Reminder: E-Mail Confirmation (Application) -> HRRCF_CS_IT_EXA_VERIF_REM_APPL

These activities have to be additionally set also in IMG step: 

SAP E-Recruiting -> Applicant Tracking -> Activities -> Correspondence -> Assign Correspondence Activities to E-Mail Verification Scenarios

Improvement of application process w/o previous registration

You can now enable also the logon fields (username AND password) for the unregistered job search registration. For this you have to go to IMG:

SAP E-Recruiting -> Technical Settings -> User Interfaces -> Candidate -> Backend Candidate -> Assign Values to Interface Parameters

 You have there the parameter PROVIDE_UNAME_FIELD which specifies if the user name (alias) and password is visible at the registration screen and/or the application start screen. Possible values for this parameter are:

  • R (only registration screen) -> default value
  • A (only application start screen)
  • B (both screens) and
  • N (no screens)



Internet References in Personal Data tab

During profile maintenance a candidate (internal / external) has the possibility to specify further sources of personal information at the roadmap step "Personal Data". In this roadmap step the candidate will find a section called "Internet References" where he can

  • maintain the type of internet reference through a drop down menu (standard examples: Social Network, Business Network,  Publication, Blog,  Homepage,  Private Commitment, Other Internet  Reference),
  • key in a link referring to the corresponding webpage in a free text field,
  • check the link to the webpage through an extra, system-generated link and
  • maintain an additional description of the content provided through this additional source.

The values can be individually set in view V77RCF_URL_CAT.

Display Application Information in 'My applications'

On the view "My Applications", the candidate can see all his applications that he started to create or that he already sent. The candidate can select one application and choose "Continue/Display Application". Depending on the status of the application, different screens should appear. For applications in status "draft", the Application Wizard should appear and the candidate can continue working on an application he started earlier. For applications with other status ("in process", "to be hired", "rejected", "withdrawn"), an overview page should appear with some information (e.g. cover letter, questionnaires, application source) about the application.


In the candidate profile and application wizard the navigation buttons were changed to "previous " and "next " buttons. Those buttons should appear on every step except the "finalize application" step: In this step, there should be a button "Submit Application now" instead of the "Next Step" button. Furthermore, the navigation is only shown before the data and no longer below too. Also a "close" link is introduced instead of a "close" button. The "close" link should be displayed on the upper right corner of the screen.

<All> in the dropdownboxes of the job search

Instead of an empty value in the drop down menus of the search screen of the Candidate role there are now <ALL> entries at the beginning of the dropdown lists.


POWL query 'Open registrations' under category TRM

There you find two buttons:

  • "Complete Registration": to complete the registration on behalf of the candidate
  • "Send Confirmation Mail": to re-active and send a candidate's verification mail

Display Data Overview of Organizational Data in Requisitions

When creating or editing a requisition the recruiter can enter organizational data (Position, Organizational Unit and Job). If you maintain this data now you see a button on the right side of the field which opens the data overview

 Candidate Selection

Workflow 'Automatically direct Candidacy to a Process'

Technical Settings -> Workflow -> Assign Processes to Candidacy Sources to control which process a candidacy is placed in when it is created.

There are five standard candidacy source scenarios  (= application entry scenarios) delivered in SAP E-Recruiting. They are

  • Candidate Application
  • Candidate Forwarding
  • Resume Parsing
  • Internal Manual Application
  • External Manual Application

Compare Candidates

You have the button 'compare candidates' in the assignment screen to select several candidates to compare them easily. The configuration for the standard delivered configuration can be found in IMG under 

SAP E-Recruiting -> Technical Settings -> User Interfaces ->Administrator and Recruiter ->Configuration of side by side comparison

Display Candidates with different statuses

If you call the Candidate Selection the statuses In Process and To Be Hired are preselected. Only statuses Rejected and Withdrawn are now time-dependant.

Hide Preselected Checkboxes in the 'ALL' tab

That the statuses In Process and To be Hired are preselected if you activated SHOW_PRESEL_STATUS in IMG Technical Settings > User Interfaces > Administrator And Recruiter > General Settings > Assign Values To Interface Parameters.

Activity Wizard

Status for correspondance activities

In former releases if the user selected a correspondence for printing the UI would switch the status of the activity to "completed". In case the printing fails, the activity is displayed as being completed even though the action the user tried to trigger was not successful.

Now, the behavior has been changed in that way that the activity is only be set to "completed" if the selected option was completed successfully.
In case it fails an error message is shown with a detailed information which candidate caused this problem and what the problem is exactly (no address, no email maintained).

Activities created independant from process template

The recruiter shall be able to view activities which were created independant from the process template in the activity wizard view "Process Template: <name>".  Also the recruiter shall be able to distinguish activities which were created within the process template and activities which were created from outside the process template.

Set  the customizing switch 'ACT_FROM_OUTSIDE_PTL' to 'X' in the IMG -> Technical Settings -> User Interfaces -> Administrator and Recruiter -> General Settings -> Assign Values to Interface Parameters .


Workflow Created/Completed Activities

It is now possible to identify who has created/completed the activity in the activity wizard view, so that the recruiter can distinguish between manual and technically created/completed activities:

The creator of the activity is displayed in the tooltip of the column 'Due On'.

The recruiter who has completed the activity is displayed in the tooltip of the column 'Completed On'.


Service 'Delete Unverified Candidates'

This new service is added in the section 'user management' with selection criteria 'process start', 'end date' and 'maximum number of hits' and enables you to delete candidates which haven't completed the verification process.

Manager (MSS)

Messages after completing questionnaire

When a manager fills out a questionnaire where he or she can rank the candidates through answering several questions, a success message is displayed whenever he clicks on the "Save" button. Until now, a similar success message was missing if the manager clicks on "Complete".

Employee (ESS)

Candidate role is integrated in ESS now. You can find the candidate cockpit under ESS -> Career and Development -> Job Opportunities.

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