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Step by Step Procedure to Enable the Employee Photo Display in Info type Screen Header

The Screen Header and the Info type header are controlled by Configuration nodes. Each Info type can be set up with their own header or a common header for all the info types. Similarly the first screen of PA30 and PA20 can also be setup their own screen header.

Transaction Code  - SPRO

Click on "Change Screen Header"

1. Header Structure Per Infotype

In this step each info type can be assigned to a screen header. The Screen header will determine what will appear on the screen header for the employee.

2. Header Modifier

In this step each screen header is assigned to a header modifier. The Screen header can be used for Personnel Administration "A" and also Applicant Administration "B" ( if you have Recruitment module)


3. Info type Header Definition

In this step the Header is defined for each of the info type header modifier. As the Header modifier is assigned to screen modifier which in turn is assigned to each info type. The values declared in header definition will come as header for each info type.

The Value of PERNR and PIC is required to display the Employee photo.

4. Passport Photo

To enable the employee photo to be displayed in Screen header, maintain the below entry



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  1. Anonymous


    Hi Ramesh, coud you help me on an issue I am facing when trying to upload these employees photos? I did follow all the instruction you gave us but the photos I uploaded only appears on SAP Screen Header. It doesn't appears on the others infotypes. The Header Structure Per Infotype were correctly flagged but even after that, the photos does not appears. Do you have any insight why and/or which is the issue? Thanks Samanta Nunes