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Where is the data read from in Production systems?

The P60 form reads the Address record of the employee from infotype 0006 that is valid at the point of running the report using the system date (current date).


The reason

The address output on the P60 form is not only for information for the employee, but also for the post office.
This means that, if an IT0006 other than the most current one is put onto the form, it will be delivered to an incorrect address when posted.
This is why the 'current' address data has to be used on the form.


Modifying data

In general, modifying data on the P60 is possible using a BADI.


If the address in not read from the most current IT0006

If you experience an issue with this, make sure the parameter 'HR_GB_TODAY' is not set up as a User parameter in transaction SU3.
Setting up e.g. a past date in this parameter can cause errors such as reading a previous address of the employee - which is incorrect.

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