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Employee had a change in tax reference /payroll area change from 01.06.2010 and then is made a leaver effective 01.11.2010.

When the P45 report is now run,it rejects the employee with error:-

"Starter program must be run before issuing P45. - Start Date 01.06.2010"

Ideally we  should  run the leaver's report at that time and then also run the starter report which would have the HMRC inimated about the employee  tax reference and tax code changes.

Now without having done both,the employee is now made a leaver effective 01.11.2010 ,hence the above error when leaver report (P45) is now run.

As starter report cannot be executed ,workaround now available is to manually create IT0065 with tax code source as P45,and update the starter details tab with P45 issue date and issue flag.
The IT0065 record needs to be created from 01.06.2010.

Having done this you can then run the leaver report for this employee,which will be processed without the above error.