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Lots of customers are getting this error caused by some incorrect ALE implementations in their CRM system.


This wiki page will explain you how to check out the different possible root causes of this error message that you can get when you try to transfer some IDOCs from HR system to CRM system.


When you are downloading Employee master data from ECC system to CRM system, you are getting the following error :
Error message 5-109 "Error in subroutine read_namtb for structure PXXX of infotype XXXX" is displayed in BD87 transaction


  1.  First you need to check if the infotype xxxx has the corresponding IDOC segment defined in T777D view and also that the HR integration is activated with parameter HRALX HRAC sets to 'X' in T77S0 table.
  2. If the problem still persists, it might come from some missing implementations which need to be activated. You should check BAdI HRALE00INBOUND_IDOC in SE18 transaction

    and then go to "Enhancement Implementation" -> "Overview". You will see a list of all BAdIs activated in your CRM system. 
    - CRM_EIC_EMPLDOWNLOAD "Badi Implementation to store the Logical system for Empl down" : This Badi implementation has to be made active only for employee interaction center scenarios otherwise the standard default BADI implementation is made active.
    - CRM_P_HRALE "HR: Filtering Out Links to People" :  If your CRM system is not using Employee Interation Center scenario (EIC) then you should activate this BAdI implementation.
    - CRM_P_HRALE_CE "HR CE: Filtering Out Links to People" : It is only for Concurrent Employment (CE) scenarios if you are not using EIC.
    - At the minimum the implementation RPM_P_HRALE must be activated if you are not using EIC or CE.

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