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Here you will find hints, explanation and common issues in Learning Solution:

Admin Portal

Stopmark Manager for Correspondence

Versioning Customizing

Course Bookings (Course Administrator and MSS - Difference)

To Be Rebooked


Integrating Learning Portal in EP (Learning Role)

Performance issue LSO

Follow Up Course - Dump

Course Fee (Free of Charge) in Learning Portal Issue

Cancellation Reasons Dropdown in Admin Portal & MSS - Difference

Concept of default of Qualification Proficiency during follow up (Two Different Scenarios)

Learning Portal - ‘Perform Course Appraisal’ Link

How to Integrate Time Management with Learning Solution

How to Integrate Billing with Learning Solution  

Customizing Delivery Methods in Learning Solution  

Customizing Actions in Learning Solution  

How to Maintain Allowed Relationships in Learning Solution  

Effect on TPARTDOCNO while creating booking via transaction PSV1 instead of LSO_PSV1 

Setting Preview Period of Courses and Course Type for Learning Portal

Controlling the display of Course Participants in the Learning Portal

Setting Default Prebooking Period for Learning Portal

Profile Matchup in Learning Solution

Schedule Model - Save entry is deleted in edit mode

Booking a participant in Learning Solution LSO and Screen Behavior

Time Schedule for an event and 'day off' on a holiday

Confirm Participation link For a Learner who has not passed the course

Request Participation and Workflow in Classroom Trainings Booking on Learning Portal

Creating Cost Items for LSO and TEM

Attendee Type Control for Billing and Allocation Information

Controlling the split of N.N. bookings

Creating Building for Resources

Creating course with and without resources – Options ‘Period without days off’ & ‘Include Start Day

General Key Configuration elements to combine the solution for Appraisal System

Understanding about rules for calculating the overall capacity of a course (Infotype 1024)

Current Known Issues and Their Solution

LSO Consulting and How To KBAs

SAP Learning Solution Activation

Understanding Cancellation of Participant from a Course (Course Admin Portal) – A Scenario 

Use of Ess Flag - Difference in Profile Matchup and Notifications in LSO Learner Portal

LSO Maintain Schedule Model – Creating or Inserting Line In-Between for User-Defined Schedule

LSO Learning Portal - Recommended courses show all proficiency level options


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