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Find below a list of common issues, How to's and Hints for International Payroll



Wage Type



HR Smart Forms


Payroll Functions


Preliminary DME


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Page: ' Page: Adding a Cumulation Identifier into Payslip Page: CLCs Support Packages for localizations Page: Common issues in upgrades Page: Comparing two wage types Page: Copy wage type between country groupings Page: Create a Custom Payroll Function Updating ZL Table Page: Create Customer Specific payroll function Page: Creating a Wage Type Page: Debugging Payroll. Useful places to set a break-point. Page: Debugging the Payroll Schema Page: Enhance the Standard Info type 0906 for printing the HR letters Page: Error handling while extraction of payroll data source to BI from R3 Source system Page: Error message HRPAY99CALC 714 Current payroll payment date and 1 less than last payroll payment date and 2 during payroll execution Page: Error STOP No rule in key XXXX********* while calculating payroll (XXXX is a PCR) Page: Factoring. A common issue Page: Fix 30 days in payroll processing Page: Half day absence not prorating basic remuneration Wage Types Page: HCM - Wage Types Segregation based on the Cumulation Class Page: How to handle a customer message during runtime in the Payroll Schema Page: HRFORMS payslip in payroll simluation or live execution Page: HR Outbound Interface BACS Transmission and Acknowledgement Page: HR Outbound Interfaces OHS worked absence hours Page: HR Outbound Interfaces SAP Time Management to Third party systems Page: HR Payroll Clusters Page: Inconsistencies in Payroll / Payroll Posting results Page: Issue - Payroll already performed once in future Page: LOG OF USERS IN PAYROLL PROCESS EXECUTION Page: Maintain Processing, Evaluation and Cumulation Classes Page: Multiple countries using MOLGA 99 Page: Payroll Process log shows following error "RGDIR entry already exists" Page: Payroll Schemas and Personnel Calculation Rules (PCR's) Page: PE51 Payslip split indicators not considered in arrears Page: PE51 Wage Type values not displayed in single field in case of retrocalculation Page: Performance issues in the Posting to Accounting Process Page: POSTING PAYROLL RESULTS TO FICO Page: Problems to select a printer using HRFORMS Page: Problem with feature DTAKT in Pre-program DME Page: PU12 Exporting Cost Assignment data in IT0015 Page: PU12 - Exporting time and master data Page: PY-XX-DME ( Pre-DME) Page: PY-XX-OC (Off-cycle Payroll) Page: Special payments - Replace the default entry date with infotype 41 Page: Special payments - Trigger the payment with a change of Special Payment modifier Page: Understanding Relationship PT and PY Page: View V_T511K can be modified in production systems Page: Void and reversal Page: Wage Type Text in pc_payresult