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Please find below some hints and common issues in PY-GB


Submitting FPS for a supplementary run

Gender options on IT0002

FPS, EPS, EYU reports - checking errors

"Waiting Poll: again" Substatus in the B2A Manager

Employee address on the P60 form

(warning) IMPORTANT: Critical IT3297 Note

EYU - NIC Refund field

V_T5G_PRFID - Proof of Identity on IT0048

TPS constant MDCL

Checking certificates of Java-only PI systems

'Create Modification' dialog box when creating the long text of a message

Wage Type text on IT2010 and its Overview screen

SPL constants SSPL and BKRU

P45 generation if the leaving date is between 1st of April and 4th of April and the final payment is after 5th April

Supportability Tools 

Legal Change information - upcoming and released  

P45, Leavers incorrectly rejected without a reason

Newsletter: Opening Incidents against the relevant customer number

HMRC moving from SSL to TLS

Court order subtypes CSDN and CMDS

PY-GB and HMRC Certificates

E-Filing Guide: FPS, EPS and EYU issues

PI Errors and possible solutions

Sending the FPS report to HMRC late

Steps to Import Certificates in XI for Efiling GB

B2A manager dumps HR_EFO_XI_ACCESS_TO_PCL4 when file submitted after upgrade

P45 Sapscript Icon

P45 is showing the wrong taxable pay

how to use a tax refund during the gross up process M360

Multiple Employment Solution is Inactive after Upgrade

Generate XML Flag to be ticked for IT0065 Update-Starter Report

Court order deductions -Student Loans (CSL)

Tax Calculation for UK Payroll

Process to be followed for executing Earlier Year Update report – RPCEYUG0

Copy of Tax Calculation for UK Payroll

Criteria for generation of P11D

Common Issue in End of Year (EOYR) Efiling GB

Retirement age check for women employees on IT0069

Can Business connector 4.8 be used for E Filing on ECC6 and above without installing XI PI                                                                                                                                     

Understanding Country Legal Changes (CLC) packages

ESS and Multiple Employment

Employees rejected while running P45 report

Tax Calculation for UK Payroll

upgrade SAP Netweaver PI 7.01 to PI 7.1 EHP1 and efiling GB

New starter two or more P45's from different employers IT0065 update

NI Calculation For Late Starter

NI Calculation - Late Payment Scenario

Pension YTD values as calulated in PENS Table                                      

RTI Reporting – Resubmission of FPS Report to HMRC

RTI Reporting – Calculation of RTI Net Pay in Single Employment Scenario

RTI Reporting – No. of earnings period in RTI table

RTI Indicator Stamping in GB payroll

RTI Reporting – Calculation of RTI Net Deductions in Single Employment Scenario

RTI – Late Transfer Reason ‘H’ reporting in FPS (Full Payment Submission) Report

RTI -Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

RTI: Tax code to be used for a payment done after leaving for a leaver

RTI: FPS – Reporting a Tax Reference Change

RTI:EPS submission when there is no data to adjust or statutory component to report

RTI:Identifying Employees on Irregular Payments

RTI – Use of Display Report RPCRTI_DISP in Real Time Information (in case of business error)

When NI category X is used