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This page describes FPS, EPS and EYU errors which are not related to E-Filing. For E-Filing errors, please check the following Wiki page: E-Filing Guide: FPS, EPS and EYU issues. The below points provide information on what can be checked if there is an issue occurring after running the report before E-Filing is attempted. The examples have been recorded with FPS screenshots but are applicable to EPS and EYU, as well.


1) Error List / XML Errors

Errors during the processing of the report can result in no XML being produced. After running the report and getting to the results screen, go to the following Menu points:

- Error list
- XML Errors
If you see any errors in either of these, make the necessary amendments.



Error - the address of this Personnel Number needs to be maintained:



2) No "Display XML" / "B2A Manager" buttons

On the selection screen, the "XML With ALV" option needs to be selected for an XML to be created and for the below buttons to be displayed:


Otherwise, no XML file will be produced and thus the screen showing the results after running the report will not display the "Display XML" and "B2A Manager" buttons:


3) Nothing displayed in the B2A Manager:

If you don't see the entries after clicking on the B2A Manager icon on the results screen of the report - or in transactions: PB2A_RTI or PB2A (please filter on the relevant Area and Document Class) - check whether the user has sufficient authorization to view documents in these transactions. You may use SU53 to check this.

If you do see the entries in PB2A but, when trying to view the XML, no data is put out, please check KBA 2462300 - PY-GB: transaction PB2A does not display XML content correctly





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