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IDOC is failing with status 51 caused by error message "Filtering data for central person xxxxxxxx" .


Most of the time, this issue depends on the Customizing settings of HR and EBP/CRM system. It can be caused by so many different errors. To know more about it, you could activate the application log, as sometimes it can provide more information of the cause of error (depends on the type of error).


 In BD87 transaction, you are getting this IDOC with status 51 and error message HRALX00_ORG512 "Filtering data for central person XXXXXXXX (IDOC, segment)".


 To analyse further this error message, you could activate the application log for ALE transfer in T77S0 table.

Then after reprocessing your IDOC, in SLG1 transaction, with this log active you will get further information regarding these kind of generic errors.

Sometimes this issue is related to some incorrect customizing with the data format between HR system and CRM system for example. If you are getting these kind of errors, please follow the steps below :

  1.  In SM31 transaction, copy into table TB027 in SRM/CRM system for marital status, ALL entries from table T502T in HR system
  2. In SM31 transaction, copy into table TSAD3 in SRM/CRM system for form-of-address, ALL entries from table T522G in HR system
  3. In SE38, run report RBDMANI2 in SRM/CRM system to reprocess failed Idoc 

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