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The purpose of this page is to describe how to fix columns in the data entry of CAT2 and explain further how the configuration works so that you can set up the system correctly.


When using CAT2 transaction, depending on how many columns are displayed for the user an horizontal scroll bar appears in the data entry. This can lead users to scroll left and right several times to input their working times in CAT2. In this page we describe how to fix some columns of the data entry and how this configuration works.

Fixing columns in the Data Entry

In order to fix columns in the Data Entry of CAT2 you need to follow the steps below:
a) Click on the configuration button (it's on the right corner of the Time Sheet);
b) Click in the "Administrator" button*;
c) Modify the "No. of fixed columns" field;
d) Click Activate;

e) Create a new display variant by entering a name into the regarding text-field;
f) Click on "Create" button;

g) Your variant name will appear in the settings fields;
h) Now click on "Save" button;

*This function is linked to the authorization object 'S_ADMI_FCD'. So you need enough authorizations in order to have this button available.

Did it work?

It is possible that after reproducing the mentioned steps you have not reached the expected behavior. So here we will explain how this works so that you can configure accordingly.
When you set a number, e.g. 10 in the "No. of fixed columns" field, you are configuring the system to fix the first 10 available columns. No matter if they are visible or not. So, back to the first provided screenshot, if we set 10 for the fixed columns the "visible" result is only 2 fixed columns: CATSFIELDS-ASTERISK (this is always visible) and CATSD-SEBELN (the only visible one among the 10 first).

Furthermore, please bear in mind that the area of fixed columns is set to scrollable if the fields of your variant activated via CAC2 use more than 2/3 of table control. If you would like, you could increase the factor to up to 9/10. The area which cannot be scrolled is 90% then. If you do not have any fixed columns or want only a small number of fixed columns, you can reduce the factor as appropriate. Please have a look at the SAP Note 138267, which describes the corrections to be fulfilled. Although the note is for old releases, this is still valid for the ongoing one.

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