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  • You have an employee hired in United Kingdom (GB) but his/her/her temporary address is in India. So the company requires that he/she/she would be able to maintain foreign addresses i.e. temporary Indian address, in the format specified for India, via ESS. If he/she/she tries to maintain the temporary address via ESS, he/she/she can only see the option for country GB.
     Path: Portal > ESS > Personal Information > Personal Information > Address > New Temporary Address


  • So you can customize from backend that Temporary Address service can also be used for maintaining Indian address also i.e. allowed for India (C.G.40).

     Path: SPRO > Personnel Management > Employee Self-Service > Service-specific Settings > Own Data > Foreign Address settings > Determine Countries for Foreign

     Address and  Make  Settings

  • By making this setting, he/she/she will get option to select India as a country in the dropdown field of country in temporary address service of portal while maintaining the temporary address.


  • If he/she selects India as a country here only the country-specific views (Edit view, Review view) for India will be called. But if the country-specific address format for India does not exist, then it can be customized via backend that the international address views will be called. For that you need to assign C.G. "99" to country key "IN" in backend for temporary address as 99 is used for international.


  • The important point to be noted here is that he/she can’t change the country for an existing address as the maintenance of foreign addresses is only allowed in case a new address is entered.


  • By the above customizing you can set up allowed foreign address format centrally i.e. set up active for all countries. But there is a provision given via BADI BADI_FOREIGN_ADDRESS_IMPL by which you can also restrict the foreign address format on country level.


  • Limitation:             All SAP localized address services are only available in English and the corresponding language of the country!
  • Important Notes:  1123859 Structure of field list for Foreign Address is modified

                                  1244116 Missing US Address Review screen

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