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IT0006 Foreign address and concurrent employement:


This page is to provide some infomation on sepcific required settings for IT0006 in order to be able to use the foreign adress functionality properly in concurrent employment scenario (CE).


In IT0006 it is possible to enter an addres in a different country than the one set at employee/organization  level (from personnel area). However in concurrent employement if the infotype is not set as time dependent it can cause the foreign address functionality to check the address data using employee country specific rules instead of the country of the address rule, this is due to an incorrect configuration in T777D

Standard setting in table T777D:

In regards to IT0006-Adress, we do not recommend to derive the country version from the organizational assignment,as It is possible for an employee to live in a different country than he/she works. Therefore,  organizational assignment data (employee personnel area/company code ect) should not be used to derived the address country but instead,the system should be able to choose the country version of the address,and,if necessary,variate the time dependency.To do so the field 'Infotype version' need to be set in table T777D (as it is in the standard).



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