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Form 16 configuration for ESS

This Employee Self-Service enables the employees to display and print their Form 16 for a financial year.

1. An employee must have an SAP user that is directly linked to their SAP employee master data in the Communication Infotype (0105) Subtype 0001.
2. Payroll results for the employee must exist for at least one period in the assessment year.

1. An employee can choose to display and print the Form 16 for the following years:
Previous financial year
Current financial year
Any other year
1. If you have enabled Multiple Form 16, the employee will get a list of all the companies for which he/she has worked for different periods of the assessment year. The employee can choose the company for which he/she wants to display and print the Form 16.
2. The Form 16 that gets displayed is Non-Original and this gets printed on the top right corner of the report.

Service Name
The service name of this Employee Self-Service is HRESSIN_F16.
Development Objects
The following development objects are used:
1. Development class: PB40
2. Transaction: HRESSIN_F16
3. Function Group: HRESIN_REP

Required Configuration

A) Assign Application ID to application class:
You need to maintain this entry because all applications based on the Generic Reporting Tool (GRT) require a unique application ID. Every application has a class that implements the IF_HRXSS_SER_RFW interface and controls the back-end logic.
To maintain the entry you can proceed through IMG as follows->
SPRO-> Personnel Management->
Employee Self Service->
General Settings->
Generic Reporting tool(GRT)->
Assign Application ID to application class->

Or, alternatively configure in table T7XSS_SER_RFW:
Applid Class name

B) Maintain output form groupings and assign correct PDF form.
For table V_T5F99OMFG maintain new entry:

In table V_T5F99OCFT:

Here PDF Form name and logical form name is same, i.e., HR_INTAXF16_2006
In table V_T5F99OSFT:

In table V_T5F99OSFT delimit form HR_IN_TAXF16000Y to end date 31.03.2006.

C) Complete the homepage framework configuration in backend.
i) From table V_T7XSSSERSRVCG, check service EMPLOYEE_BENEFITPAY_F16_IN05 is attached to correct resource.

ii) From table V_T7XSSSERRES, check resource is attached to correct URL of PCD page.

D) Use Easy Web transaction HRESSIN_F16 to check whether FORM 16 configuration for ESS is completed in backend.
Easy web transaction HRESSIN_F16 cannot be called through Easy Access Menu.
First run /n and then run HRESSIN_F16 transaction.

E) Map the employee's record in PC00_m40_CMAP.

Common Issues:

i) Run transaction HRESSIN_F16 and got error message.

Personnel number xxxxxxxx is not fully mapped for the period yyyymm.!!

Please map the employee's record in PC00_m40_CMAP.

ii) Run transaction HRESSIN_F16 and got error message.


Maintain class CL_HRXSS_IN_F16 for application id XSS_HR_IN_F16 in table T7XSS_SER_RFW.

iii) User is not attached to personnel number.
Use transaction PA30, infotype 0105 subtype 0001 and maintain username for personnel number.

iv) Not able to generate form 16 for user in portal.
No payroll results exist for user.

v) Getting error on click of Form 16 link in portal.
-Check homepage framework customizing.

  • Check Form 16 configuration is complete in backend using transaction HRESSIN_F16.

Important Notes

1258246 Form 16 dumps when run through ESS
1124914 ESS transaction HRESSIN_F16 to display Form 16
1343872 Form 16 not displayed if Mutiple Form 16 switch is active