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The purpose of this section is to familiarize with the technical process in the Time Sheet.

1. All recorded time sheet data is stored in the database table for the Time Sheet, CATSDB.

2. The system automatically writes time sheet data that has the status 30 or 60 to the relevant interface tables.

              - Human Resources (PTEX2000 and PTX2010 )

              - Controlling (CATSCO)

              - Plan Maintenance/Customer Service (CATSPM)

             - Project System (CATSPS)

              - Materials Management (CATSMM)

       The system determines which data belongs in which interface tables based on the working time attributes entered for the record.

3. When the data transfer report is executed, the data is transferred from the interface tables to the corresponding target components.

     Data is transferred to the from the interface tables to the following tables for the target components:

             Human Resources:  PA2001 (Absence Infotype); PA2002 (Attendance infotypes); PA2010 (EE Remuneration Infotype).

             Controlling: COBK (CO object: Document  Header)

             Plan maintenance/Customer Service: AFRU (Order Completion Confirmations)   

            Materials Management  (Lines of Service Package)

      Each of these tables contains a Key, which correspond to the BELNR (document number) field in CATSDB. The system uses this key to

      form a link with the record in CATSDB. The keys have the following names in tables:

             PA2001, PA2002, PA2010  --> AWREF

             COBK --> REFBN

             AFRU --> CATSBELNR

             ESLL --> BELNR

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