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How to get started in E-Recruiting?

Generate a candidate object for your backend test user with report RCF_CREATE_USER.
Generate the frontend URLs to start the E-Recruiting application:
BSP (Business Server Pages) technology:
used until release 600 SP9 for all scenarios, afterwards the candidate scenarios are also available with WD
NOTE: In EhP3 still only the candidate scenarios are also shipped with WD (not eg. the recruiter or administrator role)
start report RCF_GENERATE_URLS
WD (Web Dynpro) technology:
start transaction SE80
navigate to Web Dynpro -> Web Dynpro Applications
right-click on either hrrcf_a_startpage_ext_cand or hrrcf_a_startpage_int_cand to open the start pages of the candidate scenarios
choose in the menu 'test'

The concept of roles in E-Recruiting.

Please click the link below for an overview of assigning roles for the main users in E-Recruiting such as Recruiter, Recruiter administrator, Internal and External Candidate and reference users as this is central to the concept of E-Recruiting.

Role Assignment in E-Recruiting

DEFINITIONS E-recruiting for quick reference

E-Rec Infotypes and Relationship between them

OTR and its role in E-Recruiting

SAP E-Recruiting Important Details

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Sally,

    The information provided are very useful.

    Im currently using Ehp 4 .So want to Erec ABAP webdynpros instead of BSP for  Internal and Extrenal Candidate.

    For BSP we have to generate URL using report RCF_GENERATE_URLS.

    Can you tell how the URL has to be generated for Candidate Role,i could open the servcie using SE80 - hrrcf_a_startpage_ext_cand or hrrcf_a_startpage_int_cand.

    In order to get the Internal candidate link in ESS what has to be done.

  2. Hello nachiappan mv

    Indeed, if you have the standard role assigned in ESS, then this means you have the links automatically to your E-Rec system (after the JCO destination maintenance).

    Simply then when you run the report RCF_GENERATE_URLS, access is automatic with the correct portal role assigned.

    Hope it helps!