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Welcome to Polish HCM world.

HCM part for Poland was delivered as an Add-On called HR-CEE (after CLC changes it's HR-CEECPL now). It consists of personel administration (PA) as well as of payroll (PY) Polish specific features. Just like every localized version of HCM components, Polish functionality differs from the standard and delivers additional Polish specific functionalities.

Request the HR-CEE plugin, see below:

HR-CEE Add-ON is available only via download from SAP Service
Marketplace. The download is available on request. Only released
customers get the access to download the software. Customers interested
in the download  should apply for the authorization by OSS message sent
to component XX-SER-SWFL-ESD.

In the OSS message following information should be provided:

1. particular countries that are planned for implementation,
2. product version,
3. user IDs (S....) that should obtain the access.

So the message could look like so:


I'd like to request authorization for downloads of Polish Add-on
HR-CEE 110_600 for my S-user.          (give S-user number here)

Please don't forget to replace the version number in the message.

In Polish HCM we call our module simply - HRPL. In general HRPL can be divided in following parts:

Personnel area

Some of the standard infotypes are enhanced with Polish specific information handling. 


Polish payroll accounting runs a payroll driver - report HPLCALC0 which uses following elements to calculate the result:

  • HRPL constants
  • HRPL functions
  • HRPL operations



The data stored in the system (PA and PY tables) is reported to the authorities as well as to files of the employees. There're also other reports required for both internal and external reporting. There're following report types available in HRPL: