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The Personnel Time Management includes all human resources processes involving the planning, recording and valuation of internal and external employees' work performed and absence times.

PT-RC, PT-WS* - Time Data Recording and Administration is not limited to one method, as different methods can be used, depending on the technical prerequisites, the demands on the data being recorded etc. This includes the Time Manager's Workplace (TMW), the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) and transactions to ener time data centrally.
PT-EV* - Time Evaluation efficiently evaluates recorded times, performs all necessary checks and manages all kinds of time accounts.
PT-IS - The Time Management Information System provides several options for evaluating time data, including reports for leave overviews and attendance checks.
PT-SP* - Shift planning is used to plan working times, shifts and absences for assigned employees.
PT-CE - Concurrent employment is used to process employees' time-management data who have one or more personnel assignments with one or more employers

The web applications (ESS/MSS) in time management allow employees to maintain their own data and enable to transfer some of the routine administrative tasks performed by HR to the employees. Most of the logic and customizing is done on the back end.

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