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Time Management on ESS is divided in two parts: Leave Request Framework and CATS on ESS.

Leave Request Framework.

The Leave Request framework enables the employees to perform all the tasks they need to manage their leave requests and other absences for all of their personnel assignments.It supports the Concurrent Employment (CE) and it's written in Java Web Dynpro.

This framework is responsible to let the employees visualize all the Absences (IT2001) and Attendances (IT2002) that he already have on the backend, and lets him create new ones in way that integrates with the Universal Work List (UWL)and the ESS/MSS applications. When we say Submit a Leave Request the employee can submit an Absence request or an Attendance request

It has three major WD Services:


Location (URL)


Leave Request


WD to Submit the Leave Request

Leave Request Approval


WD to approve the Leave (you can approve via the UWL as well)

Team Calendar


WD to have a Team overview of the Leaves in a Calendar, making possible to modify these data

Leave Request (EhP4)


WD for Leave Request. On EhP4, it supports Concurrent Employement

Leave Overview (EhP4)


WD to view all the Leaves submitted by an employee. Only on EhP4 and supports CE as well


The Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) can be used to record individual persons' working times and other data in a central worksheet. Manager can input times for his employees as well.

There is a complete page on CATS which can be found in the Time Management Wiki:

It's the Time Sheet implemented as a Web Dynpro service accessible via the Employee Self Services and Manager Self Services.

These are the services available for the Web Dynpro version:



Record Working Times


Release Working Times


Approve Working Time


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