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SAP_AG.png Welcome to the Ad-Hoc Query Troubleshooting Guide

Here you will find information on a wide range of issues that can occur when working with Ad-Hoc Queries.

See the sections below for the various topics and select the appropriate link for your issue or the information you need.

Our aim in this Guide is to provide you with the solution to your issue or the information so that you can solve the issue without the need to contact SAP Support 


Reports and Transactions


S_PH0_48000513 - Infoset Query

SQ01 - Create/Edit Query

SQ02 - Create/Edit Infoset Query

SQ03 - Create/Edit User Groups



Important Notes and KBAs
  • 2666001 0HR_PA_5: error COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW
  • 2657586 Result is dependent by order of subtype condition values in Infoset-Query
  • 2627171 Authorization gap using Object Selection (Hit list) in InfoSet Query
  • 2597770 Ad hoc query: Error in search help in "Capital Formation" infotype
  • 2465791 Text of the "Number of Hits" field in employee free-search screen is truncated
  • 2041117 Various performance improvements in payroll process
  • 1901045 Ad Hoc Query: Object selection with subtypes
  • 721793 Problems with MS_EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT
  • 2650048 Creating a SAP Query and Ad-Hoc Query
  • 2620583 Ad-hoc query preview; fields are truncated
  • 2617492 DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR in Object Manager - free search help
  • 2592010 Dump CX_SY_PROVIDE_INTERVAL_OVERLAP by extracting data from HR
  • 2571879 Exporting to excel - corrupt output
  • 2560559 Ad Hoc Query: IT0027 Fields not displaying as expected
  • 2526598 Error 'Error during selection; check the selection conditions' occurs when
  • 1747044 Query and partially authorizations for employees

(plus)  How to search for Notes and KBAs that may solve the incident.

 There are many incidents that can be solved with a SAP Note correction or with a KBA; You only have to search in the SAP Service Marketplace.

(info) You cannot find a solution to your problem? Contact SAP Support.

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