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Welcome to SAP HCM Manager Self Service Wiki space

  • FAQ in MSS
    Find here some tips and the common issues in MSS


  1. Hi Marcio,

                   I am not sure if I can ask a question in this section however I found this forum most appropriate. I have customised the BI Web Templates called from the MSS Reporting launchpad by filling the DSO 0PERS_VAR in BI however on execuing the templates using the BI Web Browser tool, they did not show up the personalized Organizational Units. Do you have any idea?

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Brindha,

    Maybe you didnt customize the variant to be used... I suggest you to open a thread in the ESS forum ->


  3. Anonymous

    Hi, I want to add new wiki under MSS. Can you provide me access? I have created some documents on how to add custom WDA iviews in MSS etc.

  4. Hi RItesh,

    I'm one of the Wiki Moderators, so you can send the documents to my e-mail and I can publish it.

    Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

    Best Regards,