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PP62 Shift Planning: Requirements Menu 
PP63 Requirements Processing 
PP64 Choose Plan Version 
PP65 Edit an Entry Object 
PP66 Shift Planning: Entry Profile 
PP68 Shift Planning: Current Settings 
PP69 Choose Text for Organizational Unit 
PP6A Personal Shift Plan 
PP6B Attendance List 
PP70 Organizational Management 
PP72 Shift Planning 
PP74 Personnel Cost Planning 
PP75 Assessment 
PP7S Organizational Management 
PP90 Set Up Organization 
PPCI Copy Infotype 
PPCO Initial Screen: Organizational Plan 
PPCP Career Planning 
PPCT Task Catalog 
PPEM PD: Display Organizational Structure 
PPI0 Transfer of Table Entries 
PPIS Human Resources Information System 
PPLB Evaluate Careers 
PPME Change Matrix Organization 
PPMM Personnel Planning 
PPMS Display Matrix Organization 
PPO1 Change Cost Center Assignment 
PPO2 Display Cost Center Assignment 
PPO3 Change Reporting Structure 
PPO4 Display Reporting Structure 
PPO5 Change Object Indicators (O/S) 
PPO6 Change Object Indicators O/S 
PPOA Display Menu Interface (with dyn.) 
PPOC Create Organizational Unit 
PPOM Maintain Organizational Plan 
PPOS Display Organizational Plan 
PPPD Display Profile 
PPPE Area Menu: Personnel Development 
PPPM Change Profile 
PPQ1 Find Objects for Qualifications 
PPQ2 Find Objects for Requirements 
PPQD Display Qualifications Catalog 
PPRL Change Material When Profile Deleted 
PPRP Reporting: Personnel Development 
PPRV Change Material When Profile Changed 
PPSC Create Structure 
PPSM Change Structure 
PPSP Succession Planning 
PPSS Display Structure 
PPST Structure Evaluation 
PPUP Settings: User Parameters 
PQ01 Actions for Work Center 
PQ02 Actions for Training Program 
PQ03 Actions for Job 
PQ04 Actions for Business Event Type 
PQ06 Location Actions 
PQ07 Resource Actions 
PQ08 Actions for External Person 
PQ09 Actions for Business Event Group 
PQ10 Actions for Organizational Unit 
PQ12 Actions for Resource Type 
PQ13 Actions for Position 
PQ14 Actions for Task 
PQ15 Actions for Company 
PQ17 Actions for Requirement Profiles 
PQ18 Actions for Resource Room 
PQ19 Actions for External Instructor 
PQAH Transaction for Ad Hoc Query 
PQLV Australian Leave Processing 
PQRD Redundancies Australia 
PQTM Terminations Australia 
PR00 Trip Costs 
PR01 Maintain International Travel Data 
PR02 Fast Entry: Inter.Trip Costs Data 
PR03 Edit Advances 
PR04 Edit Weekly Reports 
PR05 Receipt Entry 
PR10 Number Range Maint.: RP_REINR 
PR12 Number Range Maint. for Posting Runs 
PR71 Customizing Coding Block 1701 
PR72 Customizing Coding Block 1702 
PR73 Customizing Coding Block 1703 
PR90 Initial Screen: Public Sector 
PR91 Display: Trips with Periods 
PR92 Display: Trips with Periods 
PR93 Change: Trips with Periods 
PRAA Automatic Vendor Maintenance 
PRAP Approval of Trips 
PRC2 Customizing Coding Block 1200 
PRC7 Customizing Coding Block 1700 
PRCC Credit Card Clearing 

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