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PRCD Delete/Copy Trip Countries 
PRCT Current Settings 
PRCU Check Printing USA 
PRD1 Create DME 
PRDE Delete/Restore Trip Prov.Variant 
PRDH Employees with Exceeded Trip Days 
PRDX Call Country Version DME Pre.Program 
PREC Trip Costs Accounting Program 
PRF0 Standard Form 
PRF1 Summarized Form 1 
PRF2 Summarized Form 2 
PRFI Posting to Financial Accounting 
PRFW Income-rel.Expenses Statement 
PRHD Maximum Value Delimitation for Meals 
PRHH Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals 
PRHP Scale Per Diems for Meals 
PRIN Index for Personnel Number in Vendor 
PRMC Trip Costs: Feature TRVCT 
PRMD Maintain HR Master Data 
PRMF Trip Costs: Feature TRVFD 
PRML Set Country Grouping via Dialog Box 
PRMM Personnel Actions 
PRMS Display HR Master Data 
PRMT Update Matchcode T 
PROF Profit Center Accounting 
PRPD Delimitation of Per Diems for Meals 
PRPY Transfer to Payroll Accounting 
PRRW Post Accounting Data 
PRST Period Statistics 
PRVT VAT Recovery 
PS00 Basic data 
PS01 Project Information System 
PS02 Operative Structures 
PS03 Project Planning 
PS04 Project Approval 
PS05 Project Execution 
PS06 Project Cost Controlling 
PS81 Call Up Report Tree PS81 (Ind.Overv) 
PS90 Call Up Report Tree PS90 (Overview) 
PS91 Call Up Report Tree PS91 (Costs) 
PS92 Call Up Report Tree PS92 (Revenues) 
PS93 Call Up Report Tree PS93 (Finances) 
PS94 Call Up Report Tree PS94 (Line Itms) 
PS95 Call Up Report Tree PS95 (Sum.over.) 
PS96 Call Up Report Tree PS96 (Sum.costs) 
PS97 Call Up Report Tree PS97 (Sum.rev.s) 
PS98 Call Up Report Tree PS98 (Sum.fin.) 
PSC PS Basic data: current settings 
PSC0 Set Plan Version Valid for Cost Plan 
PSC2 PS Op.structures: current settings 
PSC3 PS planning: Current settings 
PSC5 PS Implementation: Update Settings 
PSCP Set plan version 
PSIC Curr.settings HR information system 
PSJ1 Hokensya Santei Adjustment 
PSO0 Set Plan Version for OrgManagement 
PSO1 Set Aspect for OrgManagement 
PSO2 PS System/Database Tools 
PSO3 Infotype overview 
PSO4 Individual Infotype Maintenance 
PSO5 PD: Administration Tools 
PSOA Work Center Reporting 
PSOC Job Reporting 
PSOG OrgManagement General Reporting 
PSOI Tools Integration PA-PD 
PSOO Organizational Unit Reporting 
PSOS Position Reporting 
PSOT Task Reporting 
PSSD Check BNL flow types 
PSV0 Change / Display Resources 
PSV1 Dynamic Attendance Menu 
PSV2 Dynamic Business Event Menu 
PSV3 Dynamic Information Menu 
PSV4 Set Plan Version 
PSV5 Info: Attendances 
PSV6 Reporting: Business Events 
PSV7 Reporting: Resources 
PSV8 Create Attendee 
PSV9 Change / Display Attendee 
PSVA Set Aspect 
PSVC Training and Events:Current Settings 
PSVL Set Business Event Language 
PSVO Change / Display Organizer 
PSVP Dynamic Planning Menu 
PSVR Dynamic Resource Menu 
PSVT Dynamic Tool Menu 
PT00 Time Management 
PT01 Create Work Schedule 
PT02 Change Work Schedule 
PT03 Display Work Schedule 
PT11 Number Range Maintenance: PTM_QUONR 

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