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PT12 Number Range Maintenance: HRAA_PDOC 
PT40 PDC Error Transaction 
PT41 Communication Parameters 
PT42 Supply Personnel Data 
PT43 Supply Master Data 
PT44 Upload Request 
PT45 Post Person Time Events 
PT46 Post Working Time Events 
PT50 Leave Accrual 
PT60 Time Evaluation 
PT61 Time Statement 
PT62 Attendance List 
PT63 Personal Work Schedule 
PT64 Absence List 
PT65 Graphical Abs./Attendance Overview 
PT66 Display Cluster B2 
PT67 Third-Party Payroll Accounting 
PT68 Activity Allocation 
PT70 Time Management Info System 
PT71 Tool Selection for Time Management 
PT82 CC1: Download HR Mini Master Records 
PT83 CC1: Download Employee Time Balances 
PT84 Allowed Absence/Attendance Reasons 
PT85 Allowed External Wage Types 
PT86 Allowed Time Event Types 
PT87 Allowed Positions 
PTE1 Generate Batch Input Session 
PTE2 Process Batch Input Session 
PTE3 Reorganize Interface File 
PU00 Delete Personnel Data 
PU01 Delete current payroll result 
PU03 Change Payroll Status 
PU11 Supplementary CS Benefits (D) 
PU12 Connection to Third-Party Payroll 
PU13 Correction Checks 
PU14 On Demand Check for Regular Pay 
PU15 On Demand Checks (Bonus) 
PU20 Preperation for issuing of tax forms 
PU21 Issuing of tax forms 
PU22 HR Archiving 
PU23 SARA parameters set for PA_CALC 
PU24 SARA parameters set for PA_TIME 
PU25 SARA parameters set for PA-TRAVEL 
PU30 Wage Type Maintenance 
PU90 Delete applicant data 
PU95 HR: Maintain Log. Views & WT Groups 
PU96 HR: Maintain Wage Type Groups 
PU97 HR: Logical View Maintenance 
PU98 Assign Wage Types to Groups 
PUC0 HR-CH: Maintain MA attributes 
PUCA HR-CH: PC admin. for PF 
PUCE HR-CH: PC editor for PF 
PUCF HR-CH: PC maintenance form PF 
PUCG HR-CH: Funds-total copier 
PUCK HR-CH: Entity copier for funds 
PUCP HR-CH: PC parameter maint. for PF 
PUCV HR-CH: Entity copier for PC obj. 
PUCW HR-CH: Maint. of HSC outputs for PF 
PUG1 HR-GB: On-demand payroll 
PULT Transport HR Tables for Logistics 
PUU1 BSI Test Tool 
PUUG Change remittance due date 
PV00 Book Attendance 
PV01 Rebook Attendance 
PV02 Prebook Attendance 
PV03 Replace Attendance 
PV04 Cancel Attendance 
PV05 Book List: Attendees/Business Events 
PV06 Prebook List: Attendees 
PV07 Book List: Attendees 
PV08 Book List: Business Events 
PV09 Plan Business Events 
PV0I Display Business Event Offer 
PV10 Create Business Event with Resources 
PV11 Create Business Event w/o Resources 
PV12 Firmly Book / Cancel Business Event 
PV14 Lock / Unlock Business Event 
PV15 Follow Up Business Event 
PV16 Prebooking List per Attendee 
PV17 Billing 
PV18 Cost Allocation 
PV1A Change Business Event 
PV1B Display Business Event 
PV1C Cost Transfer 
PV1D Price Proposal 
PV1I Attendee Bookings (R/3 Users) 
PV26 Prebook List: Attendees/Event Types 
PV2I Attendee Bookings (Web Users) 
PV32 Appraisals 
PV33 Business Event Appraisal 
PV34 Attendee Appraisal 
PV3I Display Business Event Offer 
PV4I Attendee Bookings (Web Users) 
PV5I Attendee Bookings (R/3 Users) 
PV6I Attendee Bookings (Web Users) 
PVB0 Business Event Budget 
PVB1 Create Business Event Budget 
PVB2 Display Business Event Budget 
PVB3 Change Business Event Budget 
PVBA Training & Events: Budget Comparison 
PVBB Create/Change Training Program 
PVCT Master Data Catalog 
PVD0 Create/Change Business Event Type 
PVF0 Create/Change Location 
PVF1 Maintain Location 
PVG0 Create/Change Resource 
PVG1 Create/Change Room 
PVG2 Lock/Unlock Resource 
PVG3 Maintain Room 
PVH0 Create/Change External Instructor 
PVH1 Create/Change Instructor 
PVH2 Maintain External Person 
PVL0 Create/Change Business Event Group 
PVMN Training & Event Management 
PVR0 Create/Change Resource Type 
PVR1 Maintain Room Equipment 
PVU0 Create/Change Company 
PVU1 Maintain Company 
PVV0 Create/Change Service 
PW00 Incentive Wages 
PW01 Maintain Incentive Wages Data 
PW02 Display Incentive Wages Data 
PW03 Enter Incentive Wages Data 
PW41 Generate Batch Input Session 
PW42 Process Batch Input Session 
PW43 Reorganize Interface File 
PW61 Time Leveling 
PW62 Employment Percentage 
PW63 Reassignment of Pay Scale Group 
PW70 Recalculate Indiv. Incentive Wages 
PW71 Recalculate Group Incentive Wages 
PW80 Incentive Wages: Current Settings 
PW91 Incentive Wages: Control Parameters 
PW92 Incentive Wages: User Exits 
PW93 Incentive Wages: Group Parameters 
PW94 Inc. Wages: Logistics Parameters 
PW95 Incentive Wages: PDC Parameters 
PX01 Planning area, external plan. tool 
PX02 Planning tool, physical system 
PX03 Planning Tool 
PX04 Ext.Planning Tool: StartParam. WinNT 
PY00 Maintenance T77PR for Rel.Notes 20.A 
PY01 Adopt T77R* from release note 20.A 
PY02 Adopt T77KL from release notes 
PYG1 HR-GB: Config. end of year filepaths 
PYG2 HR-GB: Generate EOY cluster

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