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KBA and Notes


Business Background

The Russian Governement published a document (Постановление Правительства Российской Федерации от от 18 марта 2020 г. N 294 г. Москва "Об утверждении Временных правил оформления листков нетрудоспособности, назначения и выплаты пособий по временной нетрудоспособности в случае карантина", which describes the temporary order for issuing, processing and payment of sickness certificates for the period from March 20, 2020 to July 1, 2020. The document clarifies and complements existing laws and procedures for sickness certificates with the reason "quarantine".

The situation is being monitored and this communication can be changed accordingly. Please contribute in the JAM discussion mentioned above, if you have any feedback.

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Business case

1. The insured submits an application for sick leave through a personal account on the website of the FSS of Russia. An application can also be submitted for an unregistered citizen in this system with his consent.

2. The FSS of Russia must transfer the application to a medical organization.

3. The medical organization no later than the next working day after receiving the information must decide to provide an electronic certificate of incapacity for work for 14 calendar days. If Sickness Certificate provided by doctor personally, the medical organization must transfer information to the FSS of Russia not later than the next business day after its registration.

4. Payment in the case of quarantine will be made by local authorities of the FSS of Russia at the place of the employer registration. To establish it, the FSS of Russia may apply to the Pension Fund of Russia to request the information required for the purpose of payment.

4a. Employee has the right to inform employer with number of his electronic sick leave.

4b. The employer is obliged to submit such information to the FSS of Russia within 2 business days


5. The FSS of Russia will pay temporary disability benefits in 2 stages:

  • for the first 7 calendar days of incapacity - within 1 business day from the reception date of documents (information) from the employer, but no later than the end of the 7th calendar day of temporary disability;
  • for subsequent calendar days absence - within 1 calendar day from the day the temporary disability ends.

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Technical requirements

The solution is based on approaches and the use of standard functionality of already existing solutions:

•Electronic Sickness Certificates Management (SAP-Note 2537238 and related, Help-documentation)

•Sickness payments in off-cycle payroll runs (SAP-Note 2822081 and related, Help-documentation)

•XML Register for FSS Applications for Direct Social Security Payments (SAP-Note 2753058 and related, Help-documentation)

The solution for temporary order for processing of quarantine sickness certificates is available for releases starting from SAP_HR 600 and above. However, its specific functional capabilities and the degree of process automation in the system differ in each release and depend on the availability of the above solutions in these releases.

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Sickness Certificate processing steps

Register Elecetronic Sickness Sertificate > Upload XML > Master Data creation > Payroll Run > Form XML Register for FSS

Technical processing steps

As the functionality is based on Electronic Certificate Management, it requires to perform corresponding steps to allow system process the case correct.

Using transaction HRPADRU_LN  will allow to perform complete processing cycle for Electronic Sickness Certificate, customize selection screen,

set authorization to restrict access to operations for roles involved in the process and also additional options to expand the list of available operations


Report has to be set according to its reporting area.

The reporting area is a part of the organization (one or several divisions) that independently generates official reporting data and sends it to regulators (transaction sm30 > V_T77PAYRU_RMS_O > Report Type LN).

  • New subtype COVID Quarantine (53) for infotype Sickness Certificate (3330) for storing data of COVID Quarantine sickness certificate for releases SAP_HRCRU 604 and 608

SM30 > V_T591A  (infotype 3330)

  • Infotype 3273 and 3330 connection is set in views  V_T77PADRUSS_APL and V_T588D

1)      SM30 > V_T77PADRUSS_APL

2)      SM30 > V_T588D

  • New Absences (infotype 2001) type 0228 for COVID Quarantine

SM30 > T554S

  • Action UU and infotype 3330 with subtype 53 will cause system to create infotype 2001 subtype 0228 automatically according to V_T77PADRU_FSSAB setting


  • Payroll processing in Payroll

Absence Valuation is set in view V_T554C

  • Specific Absence processing






Important to note!

When using HRPADRU_LN to create Electronic Sickness Certificate due to COVID-19 quarantine , only the date of issue is indicated. When registering ES, the system uses the following algorithm for calculating the end date:

Field P3330-T1DT2 and P2001-ENDDA = P3330-T1DT1 + LND53

If  you can not use the reason code 53 from the standard delivery, you can configure a custom code. In this case, in the name of the constant, you need to replace the standard code with the user code. For example, you configured the reason with code 93, in this case the constant name should be used LND93.

When processing Electronic Sickness Certificate, switch LSUBS (SM30 > V_T5F99K2) replaces the cause of the hospital basic quarantine with subtype  03 to subtype 53 - quarantines due to the coronavirus epidemic

Switch has 3 processing options.

“ ” - the substitution is enabled from 01032020 to 31122020 (by default) from 01.01.2021 reason 03 will always be used.

“+” - always on

“-” - always off

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