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Employee Self Service (ESS) was designed to provide employees with a front-end user friendly way of maintaining their own HR data.The idea was to reduce the amount of data entry which would need to be performed by HR administrators. Employees can maintain or change their own details to ensure accuracy. While HR administrators are doing the main work via classical SAPGUI, the idea of ESS is to provide the data on a browser based UI. The main point is the connection of user and personnel number via Infotype 0105 subtype 0001. This ensures that users can call applications which are providing exactly the data related to his personnel number.

Within SAP there are different technologies which are/have been used for ESS.

Each of them delivered with business packages.

  • ITS (46.C & 4.7)

The first version released by SAP was ITS (Internet Transaction server) based. The ITS is a tool which translates ABAP coding into HTML to be able to provide a Dynpro in a browser.

This ESS version was used in SAP 46.C  and 4.7. The ITS for this release was an external ITS and hence the services have been written especially for this type of ITS. With ECC 5.0 the integrated ITS was released by SAP. However, as HR was releasing JAVA services in parallel, the old ITS based services have not been adopted to the integrated ITS.

This means the services and the external ITS are obsolete with the newer releases. More information can be found e.g. in SAP note 870126  (758035  for ECC 5.0).

  • WD JAVA (ECC 5.0 – ECC 6.0 Ehp4)

With ECC 5.0, SAP released JAVA based ESS. Single JAVA applications where designed to use JCOs for RFC calls on ABAP based function modules. The single point of entry for these services is an SAP enterprise portal. Currently the usage of WD JAVA services is also supported in higher releases (>= Ehp5), however new development is now done in WD ABAP.

The last delivered business package for Java is 1.41.

More information about Java based Business Packages and Prerequisites: Business Package for Employee Self-Service 1.41

Related application component EA-HR 600 → EA-HR 604

  • WD ABAP (since ECC 6.0 Ehp5)

The WD ABAP services have the advantage that there is no JAVA knowledge needed. They can be called directly (e.g. using NWBC), so there is no enterprise portal needed. However, the services can still be used inside the portal. 

Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA) 1.50

HCM, ESS on Web Dynpro ABAP

Related application component EA-HR 605 → EA-HR 608

  • UI5 (since ECC 6.0 Ehp7)

Employee Self-Service (SAPUI5) is an enhancement to the existing employee self-service solution based on Web Dynpro ABAP. With the release of Employee Self-Service (SAPUI5), certain applications and functions are now available on SAPUI5, a new technological base.

Related application component EA-HR 607 → EA-HR 608

  • HR Renewal

HR renewal is an add-on for SAP ERP enhancement packages that contains new capabilities for some HR areas.



Although the main concept of ESS stays the same, the three different technolgies have seperated docuemntation. The following links are for Ehp6 documentation:

  1. ITS 
  2. WD JAVA
  3. WD ABAP
  4. UI5
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