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PT60 is a very important part in PT of HCM module. So if you want to become an expert in Time Eval, you have to deeply understand them. In order to help you have bit knowledge about PT60, in this document I will show you how PT60 start.

Honestly when I started research HCM module, I always concerned how system decide the begin date for starting running Time Evaluation for every employee in SAP system. It’s just simply when the employee’s time date was changed, system chose this date for running, or not? For example: today is Oct-2012, I modified time data of employee in IT 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, etc: on date 20th – Aug – 2012: so I already supposed 20th-Aug-2012 was the first date for running PT60.

However actually it’s more difficult to choose the correct date for starting PT60.

Now please follow my guidelines below.

Time Evaluation starts form the EARLIEST the following 5 dates, unless forced retro date (6th date) is specified:

1. PDC date in infotype 0003. As you can see in my picture.

You can modify these information manually by using T-Code PU03

2. Date in NCT Table of cluster B1.

3. Earliest date in NT1 table of cluster B1

4. Earliest date in NT2 table of cluster B1

5. One day after last date processed in table QT of cluster B1.

 =>  How to check this value in cluster B1: using T-Code: PT_CLSTB1 - Display Temporary Time Evaluation Results (Cluster B1) to view these data:

-       Input your employee:

-       Running & then check:

The names of these tables (NT1, NT2, NCT) are exactly meaning of these table. 

6.  Forced retro date of Time Evaluation Run: the date you input in screen of T-Code PT60:

However, it CANNOT re-run before the earliest personal re-calculation date in infotype 0003.

It also CANNOT re-run / start before the earliest recalculation date for Time Evaluation defined in Table T569R (using T-Code SM30 / SM31 to check or configure this date: with view: V_T569R)

Hope you clear it now. If there are any unclear points, please contact me.

In order to delete value in NT2, using standard program RPUP1D00.



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  1. Former Member

    Hello Woody .... thanx for giving us an insight on PT60 .... very helpful .... I wanted to clarify .... what would be the reason for the leaves/balances or quota not being updated spite of performing quota corrections ...2013 .???

    In short....any reason for quota correction not to perform!?!?