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In order to update the IRS tables with the new values you should follow the procedure described on note 816164 HR-PT: Procedimento de Carregamento tabela de IRS. This note is updated with the latest values when there are any changes in order to help our customers to maintain the correct values for IRS. To stay updated on any change on note 816164, you can check the news note 403163, Important News of PY-PT wiki page, or create a chat session. 

Note that table T5P1P of IRS is customizable and a recommendation of possible values is delivered by SAP. However maintenance and changes are full responsibility of customers, not SAP. Please do not create incidents asking for these tables as this is not a program error.


In case the previous information did not solve your issue, please contact us (SCN, chat, incidence) providing the information described in the following link:
How to report an incident to SAP Support about IRS.