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How to Create a Extension of basic message type and attach to the idoc

Step 1:  Need to Activate the HRMST_A message type in transation BD50  

Step 2: Need to create the extension of HRMD_A01 using transaction we30.

Create a new Z segment and attached to the P1010 as a child. Create the segment type and then click on the segment editor.

Below are the fields that needs to be captured in the idoc along with the position data. Once we have defined the segment, need to release the segment. Once the segment is release, need to release the basic object type and the extension also. 

Go to the transaction WE82 , assign the basic type and extension type with the message type HRMD_A with HRMD_A01 and HRDMD_A01 in the extension.

Go to the transaction SE37 and give EXIT_SAPLRHA0_001 in function module and display.

Need to activate the Z include. Add the logic to determine t777w htext.  After this I have changed the data for one position and then run the BD21 with the message type HRMD_A and execute. 

System is displaying the data for position 50027300 having infotype 1010 data in the segment  'E1P10101'  and corresponding to this position system is displaying the data from T77W in the below segment Z1P1010.

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