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SAP ESS is available to a limited set of countries, But many a times it is required to be implemented for countries where it is not available like UAE.

We can use other country as 99 for which we are implementing ESS.

For this a small set of steps are required to do so.

Refer the Note 936179 and 953852.

If you want to create a new country-specific application, carry out the steps in the specified sequence:

1. Assign Screen Structure to Infotype Versions

2. Define Active Subtypes and Use Case

3. Define Country-Specific Applications

Please refer to the IMG documentation in the "Reuse Country-Specific Applications"

IMG activity is introduced at the location IMG
-> Personnel Management -> Employee Self-service -> Service specific settings -> Own data -> Reuse country specific services.

Please refer to this IMG documentation for more information on how to make the correct configuration.

Let's assume, Address of Country USA fits my Country 99 perfectly, So I'll reuse this particular application.

Note : This is just an example for a address, You can similarly carry out for  Personal information (0002), Family Members (0021) etc.

Steps :

1) Reuse of Screen Structure for New Country Version


UI Structure Name    IType Type Version IT text   Text

HCMT_BSP_PA_US_R0006 0006  MAIN  99      Addresses Other Countries 

You need to define the Subtypes and use case for Address Infotype as its a new entry

2) Specify Use Case and Active Subtypes

(You can reuse the same Active Subtypes and use case for USA ie copy them for country grouping 99 )

 CGrpg IType STyp IT text

 99    0006  1    Addresses
 99    0006  2    Addresses
 99    0006  3    Addresses
 99    0006  4    Addresses
 99    0006  5    Addresses

3) Define Country-Specific Services (Add Entries)



 EMPLOYEE_ADDRESS_US_SERVICE_13 :  This is address Service for USA.

 I created a Z service Z_SID_99_EMPLOYEEADDRESS  in V_T7XSSSERSRV

 Z_SID_99_EMPLOYEEADDRESS                 SIDS address for other countries

Service Link Text    SIDS address for other countries
Service Type

Now this service is ready to be used for country grouping 99. Ensure Viekn is set correctly for the employee in Pa0003 Table and roles are defined correctly.

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