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How to Upload Employee Photo in SAP HCM:


The purpose of this document is to explain the step by step procedure to upload the employee photo in the SAP HCM. The document will also give you the details about the configuration requirements to setup to upload the employee photo in the SAP system.


Human Resources Department has to identify the person when a transaction is executed on the employee similarly the managers also have the requirement to view the employee photo by the MSS and the Employee to view the photo via the ESS. The integration with Nakisa and other organizational publishing tools is also possible. SAP provides a central repository storage system where the HR department can specifically locate the HR documents in the centralized electronic area from SAP HCM Employee Master Data

Step By Step Procedure

Step 1

To establish the storage location. The storage location can be content server or any or 3rd party SAP certified source or SAP data base. If the number of employee are more and the growth of the organization is more than the SAP database option will not the correct one.

Go to Transaction SICF

Under the Default Host -- SAP -- bc(basis tree)  ---  Content Server

Crete the content server link with the content server login details. 

This step is required if you use the Content server within the ECC.

Step 2

Crete the Number range for the Employee photo in the Transaction OANR

Keep the number range as internal.

Step 3

Creation of document type  in transaction OAC2

Document type  - HRICOLFOTO

Description - Color Photo

Document Class - JPG

Step 4

Document type setting should be done in the table V_T585O via the Transaction code SM30.

Object type - PREL

Document type - HRICOLOFOTO

Infotype - 0002

Step 5

Creation of Content Repository via the transaction OAC0

Choose a two character name – can use Zx (where x is a number) if you wish to use the customer namespace

Choose the relevant description

Set DocArea to be ‘Archive Link’

Storage type – set to R/3 Database

Protocol – leave blank

Choose Version no. 0046 (or the latest one that is available)

Contents table – set this to ZSDOKCONT1 ( copy of the SDOKCONT1 )

Basic Path – this should be set to where the photos are all held

Archive Path --  this is the area from where the photos are retrieved

Output Device – can leave blank

Step 6

Setting up of link for the document type and the content server repository via Transaction code OAC3

Object type  - PREL

Document type - HRICOLFOTO

Content rep id - Zx ( one which is created above)

Link - TOAHR

Step 7

Linking employee photo to Personnel Number via the transaction code OAAD

Business Object - PREL

Document Type - HRICOLFOTO

Click Create button

Personnel Number - Give the employee number

Infotype - 0002

Click enter.

Step 8

The Photo is successfully stored against the employee in the content server.

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