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  • You want to check that which all services are called in area group i.e. overview of ESS portal for an employee e.g. 50000141 who is hired for Great Britain at the time accessing the ESS portal.

  • You can get this information from backend via executing Function Module HRXSS_SER_GETMENUDATA with transaction SE37.

      HEADERKEY              SAPDEFAULT

      AREAGROUPKEY      SAPDEFAULTESS_ERP2005 (Can be found from path: Transaction PTARQ > Headers and Area Group Pages > Define Area Group Pages > Define Area Group Pages 

                                                                                        (Add Entries))




  • Execute. Here you can see the text maintained for description, services called by this area group along with the links which are called at the Overview in ESS portal for this person.


  • Area Info.

  • Quick Link Info. The detail can be seen by selecting any entry and pressing the single entry button.

Other Helpful Function Modules:
  • HRXSS_SER_EXTHELPCONFIG                        XSS: Extended Help configuration
  • HRXSS_SER_GETHELPPAGEDATA                 Get help page configuration data
  • HRXSS_SER_MENUCONFIG                             XSS: Menu configuration
  • HRXSS_SER_GETAREAGROUPLINK               Get area group link data
  • HRXSS_SER_GETAREAGROUPMENUDATA   Get area group configuration
  • HRXSS_SER_GETAREALINK                           Get area link data
  • HRXSS_SER_GETCONFSCRLINKS                  Get confirmation screen links
  • HRXSS_SER_GETHEADERMENUDATA           Get header configuration
  • HRXSS_SER_GETHELPERSERVICE                 Get helper services information
  • HRXSS_SER_GETMENUDATA                         Read all menu data
  • HRXSS_SER_GETRESSOURCE                       Read resource table entries
  • HRXSS_SER_GETSERVICELINK                      Get service link data
  • HRXSS_SER_GETSUBAREAMENUDATA        Get area configuration
  • HRXSS_SER_GET_CELLINFO_DATA              Get data for cell
  • HRXSS_SER_GET_LINKINFO_CELL                Reading data for OADP: link info
  • HRXSS_SER_GET_MIME_URL                        Generate URL for mime Object
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