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How to choose the Iviews shown on the ESS based on the Country


 You want to implement country specific screens for some countries that are available on the ESS portal.

For example, you are in country Brazil but you want to have different Iviews for different company groupings. 

You can perform this configuration by using:

  1. Feature IVWID
  2. Field PA0003-VIEKN;


1. Creation or copy of the Iviews

The first step is that you create the different Iviews that you want to show. You can refer to the following notes referred to reuse for country specific:


Reuse of country specific Applications.


Best Fits selection for re-using country specific service.

2. Create the Decision Tree structure on Feature IVWID

The IVWID feature modifies the the Infotype View Indicator, which is the field PA0003-VIEKN.This is assigned to the following organizational data in this feature: personnel area, employee group, employee subgroup and country  grouping.
The view indicator is used to group infotypes into views.

The view indicator may not be changed since the records of the "primary" and "secondary" infotype must always have the same keys. To ensure this, the view indicator is stored in the "Payroll Status" infotype (0003).

The feature contains the decision tree, to update on the VIEKN field, you should run the following report.

 3.  Report RPUFACEVIEKN of note 1447867

Among other reports, note 1447867 explains the report RPUFACEVIEKN.

This report updates field VIEKN ("Infotype View Indicator") of infotype 0003 ('Payroll Status') in accordance to the value returned by feature IVWID ('Infotype view indicator'). Please note  that this feature returns the country grouping (MOLGA) if no suitable tree structure is maintained. 

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