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You are experiencing problems which the root cause might be because of buffering/cache.


SAP uses several buffers and caches to improve performance.


You should clean up all the below caches to ensure that the problem is coming from Cache and not from the application itself. Kindly clean the below caches before you try to reproduce the issue again.

1. PCD Cache:

To clear this Go to System-Administration -> Support -> Support Desk -> Portal Content Directory ->PCD Administration

2. Navigation Cache:

To clear this Go to System Administration->Navigation->Navigation Cache And click on the Clear Cache button.

3. Browser Cache:

To clear this open Browser settings -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Temporary Internet Files -> Delete Files.

4. FPN scenario

If you are using FPN scenario in your landscape, please clean also the FPN cache as per following SAP documentation:

5. Proxy Cache

To clear this check with your Network Administrator.

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