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This hint is to help customers with a common user based issue with ESS

SAP may deliver some fields in ESS iviews as mandatory however you may not want some fields to be mandatory and may want the iview display to guide the user appropriately

Often delivered mandatory fields have an Asterisk denoting this field as a mandatory requirement for data entry in the ESS scenario

The purpose of this document is to show how the Asterisk can be removed and therefore indicate to the user that an entry is not required

There may be 2 ways to do this

1) Firstly try Ctrl and Right mouse button on the field in the PCD preview of the iview you wish to modify.

     Then explore the Personalization options to remove the asterisk --> In particular unchecking the option "Mark as Mandatory" may work for some fields

2) Alternatively you will need NWDI to make the change. It will require knowledge of NWDI to make the change

--> Open the required scenario in NWDS

Position cursor on Required field and right click and select 'Properties'

Go to the 'Properties' tab

Change property field 'State' from 'Required' to 'Normal'

Save and deploy the changes

As per the screenshot below


As this field now appears as optional to the user you also have to ensure the ECC business logic does not reject users who does not populate the field with data - therefore you will need mark the field as optional in V_T588M and V_T588MFPROPS - which controls the back-end business logic. If you have issues maintaining V_T588MFPROPS appropriately you can insert an overide into V_T588MFPROPC. Please note changes in these tables also affect entry of data into this field in PA30 and other products - that is users will experience similiar behaviour - i.e field will be optional globally

If you find the ESS scenario still requests an entry in the field it could be that this field is an essential or core part of this particular ESS scenario and hard coded in the model or it could also be that previous or subsequent fields are dependant on an entry in that field therefore they too will need to be set to optional  - In this case you may need to make a modification and/or change the business logic and UI display of the associated/dependant fields as well.

The reverse is also true - for example say you want to mark a field that is currently optional to mandatory, this time,  you change the attributes in the V_T588M* tables from optional to mandatory and remove the asterisk by setting the property field 'state' from 'Normal' to 'Required' (or by checking "Mark as Mandatory" in Webdynpro Personalization which may work for some fields)

Also please see related topic in KBA 1625973  specifically for the IBAN field

Good Luck

Stuart Campbell

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