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Dear All,

This is a very general problem customer find whenever they have upgraded the portal or first time business package is deployed, when they open the Employee Self Service page

blank screen is coming.  

 Customer can check out the following customization points for this issue.

1. Please check the SP level of business package , SAP_ESS , PCUI_GP component, This should be in sync.

    Refer to the following link

2. Check the resource table of Homepage customization, There PCD path should be maintained, In more specific way, you need to check the table V_T7XSSSERRES.

   PCD path should be same as there of Portal.

3. Check the table V_T7XSSPERSUBTYP, This should be maintained for the country, you are using the application, If this is not maintained then again blank page would come.

     This is very important table.

4. In the backend PERNR should be mapped to IT 0105 Sub type 0001 to the portal user, then only information would be displayed on the Portal, This step is very much required.

5. Last but not the least, some times the application of any other country opens, though they are expecting different country here. In that case you need to check view indicator of that employee in the backend. This can be shown through IT0003, through se16. If this is set to wrong value, you need to correct this.

 For correting the VIKEN you need to do the following steps :

    Customize the feature IVWID
    For Irlend, that is for MOLGA 11, return value as '11'.    Check and activate the feature

    Run the report HTHUVIEK(in update mode) for all the employees which
    will update the IT0003, VIEKN using feature 'IVWID' customization.




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  1. Unknown User (hqs49r1)

    Hi Deepak,

     I must say a good wiki. If I may just add, we were have the same issue and and all your suggestions in my landscape were in place, it turned out that the user was not having access to the Authorization Object S_SERVICE. So just wanted to inform you that even that could be an issue at times.