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Tax Deduction frequency for semi-monthly payroll

Regular remuneration calculation based on Normal income only

Additional remuneration calculation based on normal + additional income

What happen to cross year TP1 tax relief optional deduction and EA form tax exemption items

Deferrable earnings, TP3 and Previous employment details

Leave Passage calculation and reporting in EA form

How to use IRB e-calculator using LTAX payroll log

Salary Withheld – Payroll and Legal Form reporting

Cross Year Arrears formula obsolete since year 2016

Socso Relief from MTD 2016 calculation

EA Form 2017 - Missing BIK (Benefit In Kind) fields as compared to EA 2016

EA Form 2017 - SOCSO relief in Section D4(a) and Section E2

How to maintain Employer Tax reference number

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