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IT0006 Foreign address functionality:


This page will explain how the system  select the correct screen when using the 'Foreign address' button in IT0006.


 In IT0006 it is possible to enter an address in one country when the employee works in another (ie: US employee living in Canada). When entering an address in IT0006, there is a button called 'Foreign address', after clicking on it a pop-up occurs to select the country for the address, which should then return the country specific screen, if it exist, as per configuration in T588M.


 US employee IT0006 screen display US specific screen 2010


after selecting country CA Canada, canadian screen 2007 is generated

Screen 2:


The logic is based on 2 features and table T588M. 

First feature CSSR 'Assignment between screen type and country for foreign addresses' is checked to assign country to a screen type number (ITBLD) as shown below (see below for possible configuration of this feature)

Feature CSSR:

then feature P0006 is checked to assign a variable key to the country and select the correct screen assigned in table T588M

Feature P0006:

Following the previous example, in CSSR country Canada was set to ITBLD 07, so feature P0006 should look something like this

then table T588M is checked to found out which screen should be applied for MP00600 (or MP00600_CE for concurrent employment), in the example above country Canada returns ITBLD 07 which in P0006 returns variable key 07, which in T588M is assigned to screen 2007 (Canada specific screen for IT0006)

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