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How does Data Entry Profile impact inserting data into database table CATSDB.


Exploring different sections of DEP screen and understanding their significance.

Data Entry Profiles while updating CATSDB

Transaction code: CAC1.
Related transparent table: TCATS

In Tcode CAC1 all the configured profiles for CATS can be seen.
SAP-Press book ‘Integrating CATS’ by Martin Gillet can be a good start for more details.
DEP explicitly controls defaulting of values, approval procedure, error conditions while inserting records into CATSDB.Certainly its impact is not limited to the one mentioned.

When a user makes a timesheet entry for any day, the entry has to be released. This can be defaulted with DEP. When an employee makes a timesheet entry either the entry can be sent to manager for approval or the entry can be auto approved. (status is 30 in table CATSDB). This can be controlled by DEP. As already highlighted that DEP controls whether records of multiple employees can be updated at one shot or not.

Default values section determines the values to be defaulted while making entry in timesheet. An entry can be made in Timesheet via Tcode CAT2.

Few Error conditions returned by BAPI too can be controlled by DEP. For e.g. there can be a situation an employee can work simultaneously on multiple activities (labor and machine operations). In that condition BAPI should not throw any error.